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I am both puzzled and intrigued by the emphasis placed upon one s "career" by both Christians and non-Christians alike. People tend to treat their career as the absolute most important thing in their lives. In fact, for many people, their lives do in fact revolve around their career choices.

In the old days, meaning from Genesis through a few generations ago, one's career was usually determined by what the family did for generations. Sons followed in the steps of their fathers and kept the family business going. Of course if the family had the resources, they could afford for their son to receive schooling so as to make a career in the political, legal, medical, scholastic or other prestigious fields.

Perhaps one of the reasons I have always liked the movie "Fiddler on the Roof" is that it honestly depicts the way life was lived for thousands of years. Family traditions close knit communities and simple lifestyles were not the exception but were the norm.

I have two brother-in-laws back east. One went to law school and is an attorney for a major insurance company in New York City. The other came to this country as a young boy with his parents and over time started and now runs a small company that makes custom quality furniture. He is recognized as a master craftsman in his field and has won many awards.

Of these two men, one works many hours but is happy and content while the other works many hours and hates his job with a passion. It is none of my business how much these guys make, but my guess is that the attorney makes substantially more than the craftsman but has substantially less to live on due to the incredible cost of living in New York. Whereas one went to many years of school to get an advanced degree, the other never set foot in a college but spent years learning how to be the best at what he does.

College diplomas, advanced degrees and even doctorates do not in themselves guarantee a person will find employment in their field or that they will be happy in that field. Degrees cannot purchase happiness any more than careers guarantee a lifetime of contentment and prosperity.

What were the careers of some of the more famous people in the Bible who were not prophets or kings? Many were ranchers, farmers, shepherds, fishermen, merchants and craftsmen. Even people like the Apostle Paul, who was highly educated, was a tent maker by trade.

One's career is important because our culture has made it that way. God really does not care what one does to "earn a living". That is not a priority in the eyes of God. The Bible simply exhorts us to work. There are no instructions as to what kind of work or whether one must have a degree to do it.

I believe God wants us to do what blesses us and makes use of the abilities He has given to us. I believe that contrary to what the world thinks, one's career is not THE most important thing in life but rather just a means to the end of being able to provide for our families, give to those in need and contentedly live our lives in all Godliness and honesty as the Book of Timothy exhorts us to do.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

it's so great and refreshing to read about the prospective on talents that God allows us to have and if it wasnt for him, what would we have? thank you my brother and be blessed


Thank you for sharing this message, my dear Brother and God Bless y'all richly! Dave

Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·

Totally agree. I have seen so many qualified and effective people gifted by our Father that are shunned from the "church" because of a lack of degree. There will be a day when a man (or woman) is judged by their gifts and character, that day will be the day of the rising of the church.


I agree with your message and is a message that almost all people need to hear and think about.

A job or career is only a way to make a means to physically live in this world. It can also be a way to show love to others.

But what has most of the world turned our work we do for a living into? We have turned it into one of our Gods. Most of us are serving mana (money) instead of the true God. This is an intentional plan by the devil, and it has worked exeedingly well. Even for most so called "Christians".

People need to wake up and consider what and who they are serving.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Although I am not currently working right now, my "career" was a public school teacher... a public servant. This was not the most lucrative of professions when compared to most professions which require a college degree. It is sort of like social workers, nurses and other people who earn their living by being of service to the public. There are exceptions to this of course but interestingly enough, most "public servant" careers aren't the best paying professions. Those who do them, usually do so because they desire to make a difference.

Over the years, working in inner-city schools, I have found myself in some rather difficult positions at time. Once, a loaded gun was found on a 12 year-old student who less than 15 minutes before, had a confrontation with me. He backed down but even now I shudder to think of what could have happened that day in that library with all of those sixth graders sitting at the tables. I thank God that He protected us, the gun was discovered by a couple of fellow students just minutes later while out on the playground and they had enough sense to discreetly report it. I thank God no one was hurt.

As Christians, we need to remember our lives are not our own. We must be asking the question: What does God want us to do?


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