Manifesting the love of God through prayer

When I heard one side of the phone conversation between my wife and Sandy Brooks (Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)) yesterday, my immediate response was anger.  All I could think of was how unfair it was that someone who is one of the strongest “believers” I have ever known keeps getting knocked around and down by circumstances far more dire than any I have known in my life. 

I was not angry at God so much as angry at the devil and everything introduced into this world through the transgression of Adam and Eve.  I was angry at the particulars of the situation and the helplessness I felt at not being able to personally help beyond prayer.  I was angry that a very good friend was being relentlessly attacked by the enemy.

I was not born again yesterday.  I have been involved with the work of God’s ministry in one capacity or another for 44 years.  I know what the Bible says about healing, miracles and the price Jesus Christ paid for sin and sickness.  Yet, despite knowing all these things I cannot escape the turmoil in my heart as one of God’s precious children goes through the fight of and for their life.

Of course I want my wife and I to drop everything and drive the six hours to be with our friend.  Of course I want to personally intercede on her behalf before God and against the enemy.  These are the kinds of things the love of God in manifestation displays.  Unfortunately it is not always available to actually do them.

I remember vividly the morning in December 2009 when I received the call from K Reynolds (K Reynolds (@kreynolds)) husband that she was in the hospital with something REALLY wrong with her (the diagnosis had not yet been made).  Everything within me wanted to immediately jump in my van and race to Minnesota to be with my stricken friend. 

Of course I couldn’t or my wife would be forever stranded at work with no vehicle.  Instead of going anywhere, I fought with myself to the point I finally let go and let God take care of my sister/friend.  Amazingly, K Reynolds (K Reynolds (@kreynolds)) got better without me being there.  I guess that is positive proof B2Y is not God.

In the early 2000’s I had to spend a lot of time in Kansas taking care of my mom.  One time there was a tornado heading straight for our house and I was six hours away watching it unfold on Kansas City television.  Thankfully the phones worked and I was able to talk to blest as she herded the dogs into a closet under the stairs and prayed.  The tornado never came near our home.

Very few times in this life are we able to physically be with those we love during a crisis.  Most of the time we have to understand the thing we can do that is most beneficial and needed is to PRAY fervently and without ceasing.  Above all else, that which all of us can do for our sister in Christ Sandy Brooks (Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)) is to pray for and with her.

“Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.”                         Ephesians 6:18

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I know first hand the power of prayer has, even in "cyberspace". I also know how important it is to feel like there are people "there" and that even if they are not personally there, well... we know they are still "there". We don't realize how critical the need is to not feel alone until we ourselves are in a crisis for which there really is not much that can be humanly done to alleviate the crisis. There are things we can try but it is very apparent to not only us but those around us that God must intervene.

We must learn to pray, I mean really pray, for one another.


K :princess:


It kills me not to be closer to so many of you. There are so many times I too have wanted to jump into the car and be where the hurt is. That is why your blog is so timely and so true. Indeed we must not cease to pray for one another.

thank you .

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Thank you so much B2Y.

You are so right the best thing anyone can do for me and others in distress is to pray and encourage.

I feel those prayers every moment and I'm so thankful for them.

The prayers of the righteous are more precious more than all the silver and gold of the world!

pooh - (poodlelady)

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