Now I know where everyone has gone

While pondering where everyone on earth has gone, I began to panic thinking that perhaps the Lord had come back and I really was “left behindâ€. Oh what a horrible thing to even consider. Can you imagine having to live in the world without the love, support, comfort and friendship of other believers?

I don't know where everyone has gone but it sure is quiet around here. You know it is quiet when you not only see, but HEAR a mouse run across the room. I know I heard one in one of the empty chat rooms awhile ago.

Maybe everyone is out buying things for Thanksgiving. But then again maybe not. I was at a huge grocery store today and there were hardly any customers there. From what I have heard, more and more people are either going out for their Thanksgiving meal or ordering a pre fabricated meal that just needs to be heated. You can get the whole shooting match for 6-8 people for $75 my wife's employer's sign says.

I have searched high and low looking for everyone and have decided that they must all be at home diligently studying their Bibles and locked in their prayer closets interceding for those in need. When I drove by most people's homes there were no vehicles in the driveway and no sign of life anywhere, so I guess that is not where everyone is hiding out.

Well then they must all be out deer hunting. As I was out feeding the horses and putting the chickens up for the night I could hear the buzz of four wheelers all through the surrounding woods. That must be it; everyone is out in the woods looking for their deer. I wish this were true for I don't want to hit another of those beasts, but I there aren't enough ATVs for everyone to ride on.

I have checked my e-mail accounts all day and there is no activity. I have checked various blogs and there is no activity. I have checked other sites and there is very little activity. Did Al Gore pull the plug on the internet? After all, if he invented it shouldn't he be allowed to unplug it? Did he get mad because the earth is cooling instead of warming? A mad AlGORE is a scary thought.

Perhaps Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have devised a plan whereby the BIG MAC devours the micro soft and no one's computer works anymore. That is it, I have unraveled the mystery. Everyone's computer has crashed and there are millions upon millions of people sitting around staring at blank computer screens. Isn't it nice to put one's CSI skills to good use? It took some time but I have discovered the cause of the eerie silence of God's lambs.

I will pray that the overstuffed Macs and the devoured micro softs all get back to normal soon so that everyone can once again read and write on their computers. You can thank me later for solving this great mystery and setting everyone's mind at ease concerning the fate of all those we have come to know and love.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Yes papillion, you have discovered the secret to what is happening. Everyone has flocked to you who doesn't have a computer. You are magnet and you hold the magical delete button. Say hi to HAL for me.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


It HAS been quiet. Far too quiet for my liking. I can only take quiet solitude for so long. Of course, I stumbled across a bit of excitement last night but not the type I was looking for. There is excitement that is good and then there is excitement that is bad... I much prefer the good excitement!

Actually, yesterday I was at the History Center with hundreds of other children. One of the parents who was going to come was unable to and I ended up with seven children in tow instead of the five I had hoped for. Keeping track of seven active children for four and a half hours in a museum filled to the brim with other active children is no easy task. So... if you want a bit of excitement, come to Minnesota. I'll be the one with all of the noisy active seven and eight year olds... just look for the kids who are losing their teeth right and left and experimenting with seeing how many different ways they can make strange noises.


K :princess:


I am glad you have brought up the subject of MICS Missing In Cyber Space!
The notion of rapture had flitted through my mind, but then Im not sure if we are in pre trib, post trib or no trib whatsoever, so I gave up on that thought pretty sharpish.
Next I thought that maybe just maybe you were all ill with a cough, but I only heard K coughing away in the middle of the night.
So the conclusion I came to was that the little people had gotten to your computers, and you were unable to use them.. now I know some of you could not access Cb, but as I dont know Johns height,and I am almost sure he is NOT Irish Im not sure if he could be classed as one of the little people. ( sorry John ) :)

So if you have been infected by these little terrors, I as an Irish person know how to get rid of them. But I can't tell you, because they are terrifying when roused, so I shall just pray that our wonderful family here stay united and stay HERE.


P.S .. I have a sheleighy ( a big stick ) if you think the little people are creeping up on you. But I have said too much already.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Ah Bethy! I do believe you are right! It must be the little people! That is the only reasonable explanation I can think of as to why I was able to slip through. While it is true, I am only an Irish-American, my birth name both given and surnames fairly screams out where my paternal grandfather's family came from. It screams it quite loudly actually if I do say so myself. They must have considered that as well as my bark and had compassion on me. Not that...
Yes, the Little People are kind, compassionate, merry-hearted souls. Make sure you tell them that K :princess: said so, Bethy!


K :princess:L

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Hmmm, this idea of "little people" is certainly intriguing and may explain a lot of things that previously were not explainable. Thank you for bringing up this idea and I will add it into the pot of potential explanations. Can you use that "sheleighy" to stir the pot?

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Hmmm... the only one who hasn't been quiet is my rooster! What time did you want me to set him for?


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