Oh for my Lord to find me faithful

My wife received a letter yesterday informing her that the company she has worked for the past 22 years was discontinuing their yearly Christmas bonus. If the rationale was the poor economy or falling stock prices it would be sad but understandable, but the rationale was the Christmas bonus only rewarded seniority and that is unfair. According to modern business, rewards must only be given for production and not faithful service.

Production above and beyond the average should be rewarded, but faithfulness should not be ignored. Results cannot always be guaranteed. 101 things may arise that can stifle results. Yet, if the only rewards are given for production, it throws open the door to unethical and even illegal behavior as people scramble to produce the numbers needed to earn that elusive bonus.

Above and beyond all else, God demands not that we produce, but that we remain faithful. Thankfully, God’s eternal bonuses are not tied to results but rather our faithfulness to Him in this life. God does not crack the whip demanding we witness to 500 people today, with 100 of them making the decision to follow Christ. God does not lay out quotas demanding that we give $1,000 per week whether we have it or not.

God’s only requirements for us are that we remain faithful and that we do the best we can. Unlike results driven earthly businesses, God is patient and understanding of both our abilities and our disabilities. God encourages us to use what He has given us to the best of our ability and as we do, we receive His blessings now and the hope of His eternal rewards.

My prayer for over 40 years has been that no matter what, the Lord would find me faithful. My heart’s desire is not to be famous, well-liked or some great leader but rather for the Lord to find me faithful. I have often said that all I want written on my tombstone is; faithful to his Lord. There is nothing I want in this life other than to be found faithful to Him who has remained faithful to me all these years.

In my life, I have sold books, cars, pet supplies and Bible classes. I have been pushed, prodded and threatened all with a view to greater production. I have been fired, laid off and sent out to pasture due to lack of results. Years ago I turned my back on this world and willingly decided to spend my life taking care of my wife, our animals, our home and those people God has allowed me to be a blessing to.

There is nothing that generates stress, depression, anger and anxiety more than being driven to produce. There is nothing that generates peace, joy, love and hope more than striving to be found faithful and knowing you did the best you could do. I pray that when this life is over, my Lord welcomes me with outstretched arms saying “welcome home my good and faithful servant”.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I pray that prayer as well... may I be found faithful in Him. We get a bit messed up when we read the parable of the talents sometimes. Yes, the servants with the five and two talents did double what they had but that was a result of faithfulness. They had faithfully served him productively in his absence. The last servant had not. Even if the last servant would have increased his talent by just a bit as opposed to doubling it, I believe he would have been found faithful for the master had said he could have at least put it in the bank to earn some interest.

May we all be found faithful!


K :princess:

Dawana Brown @evangelistbrown ·

I'm so glad that God is not like man. What an awesome God we serve for you to be able even have even typed those thoughts. Keep the faith.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

What an awesome world we would live in if mankind could just see and live this. Rather than wanting more and more and more and driving themselves to insanity, poor health, lust, greed and a completely dissatisfied life.

Praying God will give back that bonus ten fold in another way.

To be found "faithful" in God's eyes -what greater thing could there be.


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

i noticed that if i watch less tv( i do now) and dont stick my head in the newspapers and magazines like i use to, then I dont want or need"alot of stuff. be blessed and thank you

Beth M @blest ·

Oh, My Honey. Why did I not see this before ordering your tombstone? I am so very sorry. Your tombstone should say "Faithful to His Lord". I am so very sorry that it does not.
I miss you so much

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