Oh to be found faithful

My simple prayer everyday is not that I move a mountain or raise someone who died but rather that I REMAIN FAITHFUL. As I go about my business and do whatever the day demands, I continue to pray that I REMAIN FAITHFUL. No matter how trying or difficult things may become, my prayer is not that I become a super hero but rather that I REMAIN FAITHFUL.

Of all the qualities of the Christian walk, God is most concerned that we remain faithful to Him no matter what. That which doomed Israel and Judah was their inability to remain faithful to the Lord. Through tribulation, affliction and enticement, God's people were lured away from Him and persuaded to give their hearts to another.

There is nothing wrong with money except if that money usurps God as Lord in one's life. There is nothing wrong with friends, unless they become more important than God in one's life. There is nothing wrong with work unless that work becomes more important than God. There is nothing wrong with play unless it is preferred to Godliness.

Far too often Christians mistakenly believe they must lead the parade of good works, knock on every door to witness or support every ministry teaching the Bible to gain God's favor. All these things may be good, but none of these things impress God in and of themselves.

God looks upon the heart and when He sees one of His own who without fanfare, day in and day out humbly adores Him; He smiles for He sees someone who is faithful. All God desires is that we daily recognize Him as God and depend upon Him as Lord. That we remain devoted to His Word and when the day is done, we are just as committed to Him as when it began.

When people get married, they agree to remain faithful to each other in sickness and in health, in good times and bad and in whatever happens in life. When people get married they agree to forsake all others and remain devoted to each other a lifetime. Should our commitment to God be any less than that of two people getting married?

Through pressure and pleasure, the enemy strives to distract and destroy us. Just as with Job, the enemy believes he can break or tempt anyone and everyone to forsake God. I pray, that just as with Job, we prove the enemy to be what he is a liar.

No matter what comes our way in this life, I pray that I REMAIN FAITHFUL. No matter how dark the night or how violent the storm, I pray that I REMAIN FAITHFUL. No matter how enticing things may be with promises of security or prosperity, I pray to have the guts to REMAIN FAITHFUL. In all matters my daily prayer is that when God looks upon my heart, He sees a son who is FAITHFUL.

Stephanie Mccollum @thereisaline ·

Amen! Thank God for His faithfulness. Great message first thing in the morning!

:butterfly: Steph


Another good message, B2y. In the beginning, faith in Christ will save us. Through life, faith will sustain us. In the end, faith will glorify us as heirs with Christ. Faith is the product of love, and God is love! To be with God, we must have faith! How much more important can something be?

Thanks for sharing, brother! God bless...

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This too is my prayer... that I be found faithful even unto death.


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Very good analogy between marriage and faithefullness to God. Thanks for the message today. - Bibleguy64

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I want to be found faithful too. In the world, and in christendom itself, we are ever urged to compromise the word of God. Many have turned it into more of a book of metaphors and theories, than absolute truth. Mankind has done that. God can not be charged. Personally I do not need to interject all manner of theories into the text, just to appease the pride of mans intellect, and also their own vanity. Satan sure uses it though.

Being faithful is where it is at. Not allowing ourselves to be deceived. Agree with your blog. God Bless brother.

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