Oh to be in Boston this weekend (or NOT)

According to all the weather data, the Northeast United States is in for a truly historic blizzard the next couple of days. Forecasts call for up to 2 feet of snow plus hurricane force winds from Long Island all the way to Maine. The brunt of the storm appears to be heading for Rhode Island and Cape Cod.

Living in Missouri, we are lucky to get a 4 inch snowstorm. We have seen a couple of 12 inch snows, but they are few and far between. Oh how I wish I could zip up to Boston and be a part of this great event, and the snow also.

What is the allure of snow anyway? Why do we all crave to see some gigantic snowstorm that keeps us snowbound for weeks?

Many years ago I lived in the Bay area of California. One winter a few of us went up to Reno for a meeting. Driving up the Interstate through Donner Pass in the middle of a rough winter was a sight to behold. The snow was piled so high along the highway it was like driving through a tunnel. I think that year the area got well over 200 inches of snow. Is it any wonder the poor Donner's ended up in the plight they did?

I know that some of you live in areas frequently in heavy snow's path and some of you have snow from December through March most years. But, growing up in Kansas and now living in Missouri, snow is a big deal and 2 feet of snow is a REALLY big deal.

I have just enough time to get to Boston before the snow hits. But, alas, my wife, dog and mother-in-law would not think too highly of the idea so I will have to view the great blizzard of 2013 from my computer. One of these days I will be where one of these big snowstorms hit and then I imagine I will be wishing I were back home in Missouri enjoying one of our many 1 inch "snowstorms".

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Sorry B2y, but your intense desire to be in such a storm set me to laughing.
You plainly have never been in such a storm or you would not want to be.
Yes snow is a thing of beauty but very deadly at the same time.
I loved it when I was young and never thought of it's dangers, but as I've gotten older I prefer to just set in my warm house and admire it's beauty from my window.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

*K :princess: yawns...

Actually things are rather dry in MN and being just a bit to the west of Lake Superior, I don't get lake-effect snow. We only get about four feet of snow on average but still, I have been in a number of blizzards and yes, it is not all that uncommon for us to get that sort of snowfall. I've shoveled out more than my share of vehicles and have pushed out more than a few as well. Don't spin the tires or else!

Interestingly enough, I've never been "snowbound" really for I also live in an area with an army of snowplows as well as stockpiles of sand, salt and chemicals. It does make all the difference in the world and we are rarely shut down for very long.

Granted, I do not like driving in white-outs. I've been in a few of those as well and they are NOT fun! Still there is something cozy and peaceful about watching the snow pile up when you are safe at home and sipping a nice cup of cocoa by the fire.


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