Old dogs, young cats and the "joy" they bring

Our dog Sheba is nearly 15 years old and has developed a weak bladder to go with her permanently broken leg. Needless to say, it is a challenge to get her outside in time. Recently we have had a spat of “accidents” where she could not quite make it and let loose on the kitchen floor. Although it is a hassle to clean up, there is no problem due to our abiding love for Sheba.

In early April, a lovely Tabby cat showed up at our doorstep and soon “adopted us”. We named the cat Jehosacat. Unfortunately, Sheba absolutely hates cats. Needless to say, we have not been able to allow the two to meet each other and become “best friends forever”.

Each evening we force Sheba outside to “do her business” about 9 or 10 pm. After she comes back in, she is lured into the bedroom where the door is shut and Jehosacat is allowed in to roam about and play with the bottom step of the stairs (???). When we are ready for bed, the cat is literally barricaded in our large laundry room with his litter box, food, bed he will not use and scratching post he ignores.

All is wonderful in the B2Y household until around 4:00 am when either the cat starts meowing to go outside and prowl and/or the dog makes a mad dash to try and relieve herself. Four days per week this poses no problem for I get up around that time to get ready to take Mrs. B2Y to work. It is the three days per week I am supposed to “sleep in” that are not working out too well.

This morning we were awakened by the relentless barking of Sheba and we feared the cat had gotten out. We went racing to see what was happening and sloshed through a huge lake on the kitchen floor which Sheba had made in her excitement in hearing the cat meow. We had to carry the dog out the sliding doors, clean up the lake and get the cat out another door without waking up the sleeping mother-in-law upstairs.

After 20 minutes the animals were all fine, the floor was clean and Blest went back to sleep. Despite having an early morning appointment today, I was too wired to go back to sleep so I decided to bless you with this breaking news from the B2Y ranch. Why, you may ask? I have no idea.

I do not have enough words remaining in this blog to explain why I wrote it, but believe when I say there really was something profound that I learned this morning but have already forgotten due to fatigue. Perhaps when I do recall the great lesson of life I learned today, I will share it with you. Until then, remember that Confucius says; beware of old dogs with weak bladders and young cats who take pleasure in aggravating them.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Well, since cats are nocturnal, I am not surprised Jehosacat is ignoring his bed. It is much more fun for him to prowl about the ranch house in the middle of the night. Cats are such nice purry, prowly creatures. Ask my cat Nix and he will tell you it is true. Give my greetings to Sheba and Jehosacat.


K :princess:


Sheba! Sheba! Sheba! :) sorry, I'm a dog kinda girl! Never mind the accidental slip of the wee :)

good friends of ours used to own a massive great Dane. Cleo her name was. She was an indoor dog who used everyone as a leaning post and unfortunately, the old girl had a weak bladder. Her owners would joke about building an ark when she would wee. I dunno how many times I got caught out playing with her, than suddenly gettin drenched. As gross as it was, this blog reminded me of that and made me smile.

Thanks :)

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

I say beware of anybody with a weak bladdervif they are slow moving. - bibleguy64

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Feel sorry about the dog. And the clean-ups:)

Cats are strange creatures. They like to annoy people. Ours, (theirs), scratches the door facings, and the furniture, and anything else that is not related to a scratching post. And we love them for it. Not sure if they are the only strange ones:) No purr is worth all that!

Thanks for the blog. God bless brother.


[quote]Why, you may ask? I have no idea.[/quote]

Maybe it was because some of your readers (me) need to learn something. Your dedication to your dog is a credit to you and I cannot match it at all. Like billyb seems to be saying, I'm not a cat lover, nor a dog lover - but I appreciate my neighbour who takes in and feeds every stray cat that appears and also looks after a severely mentally handicapped husband who would be almost helpless without her. I think she could be an angel in disguise.

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