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I can't help someone build a house for I don't know how to do it. I can't help someone fix their car, for I am mechanically challenged. I can't help someone understand their computer, for I barely understand my own. I can't help someone learn to play hockey, for I don't have a clue how the game is played. I can't help someone remember a movie, for I never watch any. There are many things I cannot help someone with for I never learned them myself or forgot what I learned.

I can help someone understand the weather, for I have watched and studied it all my life. I can help someone understand natural foods and remedies for I have been involved with them most of my life. I can help someone learn to play golf, baseball or basketball since I once played all those games. I can help someone learn the Bible for I have studied it since my youth. There are many things I can help someone with for I have been instructed or learned enough to teach another.

We all can't be experts at all things. Life doesn't work that way. We each have long suits which we were either blessed with naturally or developed through training and practice. What one person lacks in understanding, someone else is an expert at. What one person needs help doing, another may do so well he can teach anyone. Across the spectrum of life, there are things we are good at and things we are not good at. But there is usually someone good at whatever needs to be done.

If each person decided to share that which they excel at instead of worrying about all the things they aren't so good at, things would actually get done much better than if everyone were good at everything. If each person decided to exercise his God given talents, abilities and gifts the end result would be like a giant orchestra performing one of the classics.

It takes strings, percussion, brass and winds to make up a good orchestra. When I played the bass in 4th-9th grade, I was just one member of a huge ensemble of numerous instruments. The conductor's job was to get each person to do the best they could with their instrument with the result being the beautiful or powerful rendition of a number.

We are all members of the Body of Christ. Within that Body there are some fingers and some toes and some kidneys and some eyes. But, there are also millions of white cells and red cells and little tiny pieces of tissue which help make the Body whole. It is very easy to look at the Body and think only those with big and outward functions are important. In reality, we all have a vital part within the Body and as we do our part the best we can, the Body will function the way God designed it to.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

When I went through chemo, I truly gained a new perspective on this in a rather graphic manner. Cancer attacks on the cellular level and it must be fought on the cellular level. No wonder it has been used as an illustration of sin... but that is another blog!

When I was going through chemo, the drugs I took caused me to lose my hair (not all chemo drugs to that, by the way). Who would have ever thought that would have an impact on my... well... on my nose. Yes... my nose. Your nose is home to hair which serve to act as filters for particles in the air. When you lose it... well... trust me... you notice it! I got what is known as "chemo nose" and had to use saline spray frequently. Otherwise, the body would try to compensate in other ways which wouldn't be pretty and I would be VERY uncomfortable.

Never discount who we are within the Body of Christ for He has set us where He wills... for a reason.


K :princess:


Dear B2Y--Excellent blog, my brother. When this one and another of the same subject K:princess: wrote are laid side by side, they make one of the most powerful sermons on the topic I ever heard. Read my comment to her blog to see the personal comfort I receive from reading both of them.

There are three things at which you are indispensible: 1) being you; 2) being the best you that you can be; and 3) being the best you that you can be for the Lord.

With brotherly love and deep gratitude to you--Ron. :clap:


It reminds me of a recent blog.. mine. You have made the point so well. We are endowed with certain gifts and skills. It is vital that we concentrate upon developing those; that our ability to deliver God's message not be watered down in failed atempts to be what we are not. May it be said often. milt

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you for your insightful and vital comments. Obviously this is a subject that cannot be blogged about too often. We are Christ's body and He is the head and we are members in particular. No one is more or less important in His eyes and for the Body to function most efficiently we all need to to our part and do it the best we can.

Thank you.


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