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Crying out from the very depths of the soul, the pain associated with the loss has no equal. When I was about 12 years old, my dad took me and my little dog “Blackie” out to the VFW to fish and play. About the time we left, Blackie started running in circles and foaming at the mouth. I am sure my dad did not know he had distemper, but he knew we better leave. I remember screaming and crying as we drove off leaving the poor dog alone and soon to die. I languished in a state of emptiness, pain and loss for days.

An image forever etched in my mind is when Beth's dog “Peggy” finally lost her long battle with kidney disease and passed away in late October of 2008. For what seemed like hours, Beth cradled the lifeless body of Peggy in her lap, weeping with a pain no one else on earth could understand. The pain of loss is the last great weapon the enemy has, for the last enemy to be overcome is death.

God doesn't expect us to be stoics and have no feelings of when things go wrong. It is a good thing to let your feelings out during times of despair, tragedy and loss. This is part of the closure process often spoken about.

This morning we received an unexpected snow. I have been mesmerized by the unbelievable beauty this inch or two of snow provided. Just as loss causes pain so deep you want to scream, so an unexpected blessing of wonder and beauty causes rejoicing so deep you want to open your arms and hug it. Emotions are a God given way of expressing what is happening to and within us. Emotions allow us to be an open book, known and read of all men.

Emotions need not be feared or repulsed. Emotions should not be looked upon as a sign of weakness. God gave us emotions so we can grow closer to Him and help others do the same. I love an emotional prayer (as opposed to a stiff formal one). I have been at prayer meetings where one person's prayer was so powerful; it could have been the entire service.

Part of the phrase “lifting up holy hands” implies the idea of holding them out, powerfully pouring out our hearts to God and open to Him pouring His blessings to us. Never be ashamed to open your heart whether in times of turmoil or joy unspeakable. God is waiting with open arms for us open our hearts to Him.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I grew up in a family and indeed a sub-culture that prides itself on being "stoic". It is viewed as being "strong". Perhaps it was due to the harsh environment/climate from which the people who settled this area came from but you take things as they come, make the best of things and never let anyone see that you are "weak".

Anyone who knows me knows I fail miserably when it comes to hiding my feelings and emotions. Growing up in my family and community I was considered to be a bit...strange, LOL because I am so expressive. I was/am easily moved to tears when I feel something deeply and I didn't just laugh, I would dance about shouting for joy.

I have had to learn there are times when I do need to keep my emotions in check. For example, sometimes it is good to be angry about something because it motivates change for the good but most of the time it is destructive. However, I do not ever want to stop being moved to tears or dancing/shouting for joy. Emotions are a gift from God.


K :princess:


I struggle with showing emotion, but I continue to work on it.

Good to see you around.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I forgot to mention in the blog that yesterday at the store, there was a roving big Easter rabbit. I was watching as a trio of very young kids spotted the rabbit coming toward them. You could hear the shriek of joy and screams of excitement throughout the store. Just think if we could get that excited about the things of God.

Beth M @blest ·

Oh, what joy to see a B2Y blog!

And whoa the tears did flow remembering my Peggy. But what wonderful memories!

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

So glad to read from you Kirk - as much a joy to behold as an unexpected snowfall (or, in our case, ray of sun).

I could not agree more with what you have said throughout this blog. Emotions are a gift from God, for which I am very thankful.

How many times better it is, though, to see these words written by a man! A wise and sensible one! Just as I was getting fed up thinking how, sadly, it is more socially acceptable for a man to have his chest waxed and get a manicure than it is for him to cry or express fear. :stars:

:clap: "Emotions need not be feared or repulsed. Emotions should not be looked upon as a sign of weakness. God gave us emotions so we can grow closer to Him and help others do the same." :clap:

Thank you, God bless,


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Wow! Awesome Blog! A Blessing to read.



Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

Another great blog my friend!

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