Performing a "checkup from the neck up"

We all have them, none of us are immune from them and each one of us must deal with them. Bad habits sneak up and overtake all of us at times. They start innocently but over time they become monsters that dictate what we do and when we do it. Bad habits, if not confronted and changed, will eventually present stumbling blocks in our ability to walk in fellowship with God.

Bad habits run the gamut from silly things we insist are needed for us to be happy to insidious patterns of thinking and living that drive us away from God. Just as good habits enhance our spiritual walk, bad habits tear apart our ability to be spiritually sharp.

A wise person will occasionally look at their life and do a “checkup from the neck up”. A wise person will honestly look at the habits that have developed to see if they are harmless, good or bad. Any bad habits will inevitably carry with them a host of good reasons for being there. Those things we should not be doing always seem to have the most excuses that justify their existence.

Bad habits such as staying up late, sleeping too much or eating bad things appear to be benign but in reality cause great damage to us physically and emotionally. Bad habits such as not listening to others when they talk or quickly judging another person’s behavior lead to break ups of relationships and heartache.

Of course the worst habits are those which by their very doing break our fellowship with God. Those things which we allow in our lives which are contrary to what God has said in His Word are like blows to our knees with a baseball bat. Just when we start walking for God, WHAM, those bad habits cripple us and render us unable to do what we want for God.

Perhaps one of the worst bad habits is lying. What starts with stretching the truth or little white lies escalates into intricate webs of deceit over time. Haven’t we all met people who simply cannot tell the truth even if their lives depended on it? Chronic liars do whatever it takes to advance their personal agenda, cover their personal deficiencies and appear to be someone they are not.

Some of the bad habits all of us must learn to overcome are rationalization, anger, stubbornness and negativity. When comparing the response of Saul when confronted by Samuel in 1 Samuel 15 to that of David when confronted Nathan in 2 Samuel 12, the difference is profound. Whereas Saul never did admit he was wrong, David immediately saw his error and repented.

Bad habits must be replaced with good ones. That is why Paul urges us to “put on the new man” by renewing our minds to the Word of God. I sincerely urge all of us to devote some time to evaluating our habits and confronting those which need to be changed.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

One of the things which can be a struggle for those of use who love to write is that we have uh... rather active imaginations as well. We are often natural storytellers and if we are not careful, this can slip over into our daily life and we will try to make things a tad bit more interesting, exciting, tell it the way we wished it happened and so forth. This is an example of how the enemy will take a gift or talent given by God and try to corrupt it.

In the book, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Francie gets caught in this trap at school. When her lie is discovered, her teacher gives her what I believe to be some excellent advice. She told her to always tell the truth but she could write the "story". The real difference between a lie and a "story" is that the former is presented as the truth whereas the latter is not.

You're right, these bad habits usually creep up on us unaware. When they are brought to our attention, will we react like Saul or like David?


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

"Bad habits must be replaced with good ones."

[b]This is an absolute must![/b] ! The best example I can think of at the moment is something my Husbands doctor said to me years ago. Actually we were there to get blood tests before getting married. My husband is and will always be a recovering alcoholic and he drank a lot of pop at the time. His doctor talked to me about the problems of a recovering alcoholic. One of the things she stressed was the need to be sure he had that pop and how important it was as a substitute for the alcohol. Even in tough times I made sure he had that pop. Today he has changed from pop to iced tea and he drinks a lot of it, but he has never gone back to the alcohol.

Very good blog B2Y.



So I had not read this blog until mom (poodle) had words of wisdom for me last night and directed me here... so here I am and thankful for it.
[quote]Perhaps one of the worst bad habits is lying. What starts with stretching the truth or little white lies escalates into intricate webs of deceit over time[/quote]

This was me once. had it been an olympic event I would have won Gold many times over. Mom tells me I cannot do it any more, even if it means getting in trouble at home.

Seriously though,can I say that for a chronic liar like myself it was as difficult to overcome as walking up a mountain on roller skates.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Excellent Blog Brother !!

[quote]Just as good habits enhance our spiritual walk, bad habits tear apart our ability to be spiritually sharp.[/quote] - Great Thought

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