Please indulge me while I vent about a "secular" problem

If there is one thing I know a few things about, it is driving. Over my 45+ years behind the wheels of cars, trucks, vans and RVs I have driven at least 5,000,000 miles. I have driven through all types of weather and every kind of dangerous situation imaginable. I have pulled trailers through rush hour traffic and “willed” tiny or old vehicles up steep hills and mountains. Obviously I love driving or I would have never driven so many miles. As much as I love driving, I am facing a serious issue.

Ever since my ordeal of this past September and October, I have struggled with the early morning commutes getting my wife Beth to work (she must be there by 5:30 am). The problem is that evidently something happened to my eyes/vision in the course of the sepsis I endured. Also, ever since my heart troubles in November I have been on a drug that is notorious for causing eyesight problems. I guess due to my age and what my body has gone through, I am having a problem with one facet of night driving.

I love driving Beth to work on Sunday mornings because there is very little traffic. This is important because the aspect of night driving that is really bothering me is the ever growing number of drivers who insist on driving with their high beams all the time. With some of the advancements in light bulbs, the bright lights from the high beams can literally be blinding. When these bright lights hit me head on while driving on the two lane road heading down to the Interstate highway, it has created some harrowing moments as I try to avoid the lights while trying to stay on the road.

I guess it is a reflection of the times in which we live that so many people have so little concern for anyone but themselves. Driving with your high beams on when facing traffic is indicative of this selfishness. Just in the past year or so I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people driving on the interstate with their high beams on. Again, this is nothing more than self absorbed people failing to care one iota about the welfare of others on the road.

I am not a big fan of the driving habits of about 75% of all drivers because they are careless, rude and fail to take into account the condition of the road or flow of traffic. But, I have grown frustrated and angry with the daily ordeal of facing or being followed by those who refuse to drive with their low beams when they are supposed to. Is the answer that I should wear sunglasses at night? Is the answer that I should turn on my high beams to teach these people a lesson? Is the answer to quit driving? None of these are acceptable alternatives.

I have decided that the first step in finding a solution is to vent, which I have done in this blog. The next step is to ask for prayers regarding the situation because I simply MUST drive and for another few months, drive when it is dark. The final step is to make a concerted effort to stay calm and not get angry or panic when blinded by lights bright enough to pose a true and real driving danger. Thank you for any spare prayers you have laying around for this minor nuisance that is becoming more and more of a true and legitimate problem.


We all need to vent once and a while,lol.

While I must agree that this is a valid anger and frustration, I have found that in this situation that looking down helps me to see past the blinding light of the headlights ,to stay focused on the line if possible .

I have classes so that even causes more problems with the light being so bright ,it causes a glair making it two times whose .

I will be praying that the lord bring it too their attention that they need to have more respect to others !

Be forever blessed

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

I can certainly relate to this troublesome situation, because I avoid driving at night as much as possible due to the effect the lights have on my eyes as well. I'm sure you vented for more people than you know regarding this matter.

I will certainly add your request to my prayer list, Kirk.

God bless

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I don't know if you have them, but I have anti-reflective lenses and when I got them, I really noticed a big difference in regards to the light from oncoming traffic. They cost a bit more but it wasn't enough of a difference that I did not hesitate to get it done.

Like you, I am a "power-driver" and I actually made that same trek with Beth a few times last September so I know that when you are talking about a lot of oncoming traffic, you mean a lot! You go from virtually no traffic and few lights from houses even to... :eek: LOL! I remember thinking that I was glad I was a city-girl and learned how to drive in a large metropolitan area. If I had been only used to driving out in the country I might have had a bit of a challenge.


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