Pray for the peacemakers everywhere

As I see images from the ongoing and out of control rioting in Ferguson, Missouri; I am struck by the pure and unbridled hatred being manifested by people toward the police. These people are willing to sacrifice their very lives to prove their point that all cops are bad and deserve to die. I am left with the overwhelming question in my mind; where does all this hate come from?

Next to the restaurant where my wife works is a new hotel just built last year. Yesterday morning and then again this morning we noticed about 20-25 Missouri State Police cars parked in the lot. We found out that this is where the beleaguered men and women on the front lines of the street warfare in Ferguson come to catch a few hours of sleep in between shifts.

This morning I saw one of those men as he got out of his patrol car heading for the hotel. The man looked like death warmed over. He was obviously tired to the bone and stressed out mentally after yet another night of conflict, tear gas, arrests and shots being fired. All I could think of was that this man probably had a wife and children at home worried sick about his safety. I can tell you in no uncertain terms, this man WAS NOT A PIG, as the protesters proclaim.

My heart goes out to those charged with “keeping the peace” , for theirs in a job no one appreciates or understands. They must put themselves in the line of fire in order to get different sides to back down, listen and hopefully talk. No wonder Jesus said that peacemakers are blessed. Anyone who has to mediate a conflict, whether verbal or with weapons of destruction, has to have nerves of steel and a heart immune from personal emotions.

As I see images of men, women and children literally running for their lives in Iraq, I am struck by the fact that in so many places on this earth, hatred and absolute disregard for the value of human life is non-existent. Just as in all cases of genocide, the humanity of the enemy has been removed and all that is left is a body (no different than a deer, rabbit or other hunted animal) that needs to be exterminated as one would get rid of roaches or ants.

It is a travesty that abortion is still legal, and it is truly a horrible thing that so many unborn children are murdered each day around the world. But, what about actual living, breathing, walking and talking people. Is not their systematic genocide even more grotesque and ugly than killing an unborn child? Of all the atrocities man does to man, none is worse than genocide, otherwise known as ethnic cleansing.

Adolph Hitler set about seeking to systematically purge his new kingdom of Jews. Millions of people were killed for no other reason than their ethnicity. In Rwanda, a half of million people of one tribe were killed (usually with a machete) by another tribe as they sought retribution for horrible atrocities in the past and to cleanse the country of their presence and memory.

Ethnic cleansing, unbridled hatred by one race toward another and the mistaken belief that one group of people is universally better or anointed to be most powerful on earth leads to mass murder, rioting in the streets and a general sense of uneasiness everywhere. Add into this equation the power of religious hatred and the outcome is horrifying and senseless.

We live in a world ready to explode with anger, righteous indignation and the burning lust to spill blood of perceived enemies. It seems that each day brings a new challenge for those charged with keeping the peace or mediating between warring parties. Please pray for those who must put themselves in harm's way in order to calm down the fires of hatred ready to erupt into savage brutality at any moment.

 Kirk M
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John Knox (@watchmanjohn)

We live in a world ready to explode with anger, righteous indignation and the burning lust to spill blood of perceived enemies.
The hand of God lifts a little at certain times to reveal the anarchy that will be widespread in the day of he Lord. Such an under current is running just below the surface in all countries. Here in NZ our General Election is to be held in about 5 weeks time and the hatred and venom for and our Prime Minister from fringe opposition parties is frightening and disturbing.


K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

This is such a tragedy! :cry: As I read your blog, I thought about the Peace Officer Memorial in front of the Minnesota State Capital which I drove by the other day. The front of it is engraved "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9. One of the paragraphs on the plaque says:

The blue line, which illuminates brightly at night, represents the thin blue line, terminology often used when making reference to peace officers. Peace officers must walk that thin blue line daily as they protect democracy from anarchy, the lawful from the lawless, and order from chaos. Peace officers must walk that line to protect us from the worst impulses of society.

Are there corrupt peace officers? Yes, there are just like there are corrupt individuals in any profession. We find them every where. Yet at the same time, I cannot help but think of the hundreds and even thousands of men and women who put their lives on the line daily so that we might live in relative safety and freedom. Police officers are public servants just like firefighters and teachers. None of these people make "big bucks". I still believe that the vast majority of them truly desire to make a difference in their community and I believe that they do. Unfortunately there are those who wish to portray all of them as self-serving opportunist. I, for one, am very thankful for them.


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli (@bibleguy64)

Good blog. You are right that prayer is needed for the police. Keep blogging. - fig

Sarah Vm (@godissogood)

Hi Kirk,

As I read this blog I thought of a few things...

  1. A relative who was serving in the Police in Northern Ireland quite a few years back during rioting. He ended unable to work for quite some time with an injury to his leg after he was attacked. It was a bad injury, but he was blessed enough to spend the weeks at home with his wife and their new baby. What reminded me of him was how you said these people are not "pigs". They love and are loved, have people who count on them, they are just ordinary people doing their day's work.

  2. The older children at our childcare got to meet a 'police lady' at the beginning of summer. My eldest got to try out the handcuffs! :eek: She took time out of her day to come visit them and talk to them about her work and show them her police van. My point being that so many of these people really care about their community above and beyond duty.

On top of it all they are earning low wages very often, as K mentions. Which is kind of the same for a lot of the important jobs in this society. Teachers, ministers, nurses, firemen, paramedics and social workers are but a few others in the front line when human relationships go wrong and fall victim to hate: all earning a pittance, under enormous burdens of stress and bureaucracy, often spread too thinly to be able to do the good they see needing to be done.

They need and deserve our prayers - as do the victims of human anger and hatred - and I thank you for bringing it to our attention. Blessed indeed are the peacemakers.

God bless,