Pray ye for one another

Immediately after I became active in the ministry, I was literally scared to death of those who were before me in the Lord. I felt inferior to those I deemed spiritual giants. I believed they could see right through me and knew every bad thing I had ever thought or did. If someone had a “Rev” or a “Dr” in front of their name, I was reduced to a whimpering puppy in their presence.

Of course in due time I grew out of this behavior, especially as I rose up to became one of those people with a “Rev” in front of their name. When I understood these spiritual giants were human, were not perfect and did not read my mind; I was set free from a heavy yoke that had burdened me and kept me in a state of fear and bondage.

In 2006, acting upon what I felt the Lord was leading me to do, I visited and talked with many well known heads of ministries, Christian musicians and directors of charities. Never once did I tremble in fear for I knew these were people, just like me, who were simply trying to do what God led them to do in service to Him and His people.

I remember vividly sitting with the director of a Christian counseling ministry in Spokane, Washington. He did not sit across from me at a big desk but rather had me sit beside the desk. We had never met before and only spoken on the phone briefly. He had recently taken over the ministry from his ailing father who was unable to continue with the work load.

We talked for about an hour and before I left, he asked me to pray FOR HIM. I was astounded to say the least. I prayed for him and his ministry and that God would help him overcome his insecurities regarding his ability to lead. It ended up being a very special time for both of us as he prayed for me also.

A few months later I was driving home from Mississippi when I was filled with a sense of dread and apprehension. I called another man whom I had met that was the head of another counseling ministry and it was obvious that he was too busy to deal with me. He just urged me to keep praying and that was the extent of our conversation.

Upon hanging up, I called the man in Spokane and explained what was going on. We talked for about ten minutes and he suddenly told me what the Lord told him. He gave me the Lord’s message and then prayed for me. Immediately the cloud of apprehension lifted and I was all better. We laughed and decided he had finally returned the favor of when I had prayed for him.

God can work in anyone at anytime to pray for another, regardless of their position etc. Never feel like you are not “good enough” to pray for another believer, even if they are a leader, pastor, “Doctor” or Bishop. We should respect those who are before us in the Lord but we should not be afraid of them.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I remember once when my husband and I were meeting with our pastor and something similar happened. Yes, he did pray for us but we also prayed for him. We often forget how often our leaders need our prayers. Indeed, I think that is another reason that so many of them face such terrible struggles. They are on the "front lines" but we neglect praying for them and instead demand that they pray for us.

We must not neglect praying for one another.


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Hummm -thinking I've always been one of those people that feels inadequate when praying for others. I am not a person of many words and usually prayers are short and directly to the point. No fancy lengthy words just to the point.


Beth M @blest ·

Missing my Honey and his prayers for me

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