Prayers requested for our friend Metamorphosis

Today one of the lions of this site will be undergoing a procedure I know all about. Metamorphosis will be having a heart catheterization today. This is the same procedure I have had done 21 times, including 6 just this year. Certainly if there is anyone intimately acquainted with what he will be enduring today it is me.

I would hope and pray that any and all who read this post this morning will take a few moments to pray for this great man of faith and for a successful procedure. In ways great and small, our friend Metamorphosis has touched and blessed many of our lives here as few others have. There are many who have been here longer than Ron, but there are few who have actively gotten involved with individual's lives as he has.

When someone touches your life, the love of God dictates that you show your appreciation and gratitude in one form or another. Love is giving and the greatest way we can give to those who have blessed our lives is to stand with them in prayer. This act of faith is the most concrete way we have of displaying our genuine thanksgiving to someone for all they mean to us.

Who has touched your life around here? Have you taken the time to let them know or have you become too busy or too distracted to take the time to say thank you and offer specific prayers for them? I believe most of us get so caught up in our daily routines that we have lost the '€œheart'€ of love which is expressed in spontaneous giving. We all can make long lists of people we '€œpray for'€, but if our heart is not into the prayers, where is the profit?

Once in awhile a person comes along in your life who absolutely turns it upside down. This person may or may not have set out to do this, but they have succeeded in doing it nonetheless. Do the people in your life who have made the greatest impact know it? Have you taken the time to tell them?

Men, especially, have a very hard time expressing thankfulness to another man for being a true friend. Men tend to cover their gratitude up with macho stuff for to do otherwise strikes them as weird. Perhaps this is why the story of David and Jonathan in the Old Testament is so significant. These two men were not ashamed to fully share their gratitude for each other and their commitment to one another.

I would hope and pray that we all take a few minutes this morning and give back to a man who has blessed so many believers on this site. I would pray that we set aside a few minutes and honestly offer prayers of thanksgiving, protection and blessings for our friend Ron today. I would pray that any and all of us who have been touched by this wonderful brother's gentle ministry of love and support would take the time to lift him up to God this morning, thanking Him for His care and protection and blessing on not only this procedure, but Ron's life and family.

Thank You.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]Do the people in your life who have made the greatest impact know it? Have you taken the time to tell them?[/quote] It is easy to read the first question and say, "Of course they know it!" but then comes the second question. I'd like to take it one step further. Do we ever tire of hearing someone tell us that love us, we've blessed them, we've encouraged them and so forth? Probably not!

Today I am standing in prayer for my dear friend and brother, Ron... just as he has done for me and others as well.


K :princess:


Count me in prayer for Ron, our dear brother in Christ.
Yes, in his unique ways, he has blessed many with his blog comments and encouragement.
Praise the Lord for his life and for sharing his talents on CB.
May the Lord be his all in all today.


Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

I, too, will be in prayer for Ron. Indeed, he is a man who has brought light into my life.


John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Thanks for letting us know!

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I just spoke with Ron and all went well with NO BLOCKAGES found!!! That is great news and cause for great rejoicing. Thank you for your prayers.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for this blog. even though i dont know our brother as well as some, he's still in my prayers along with everyone i was telling my wife or myself, this is where god wants me to be apart of this ministry and i pray he uses me so others will follow. be blessed

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