Prepare, protect, patience, power and prevail

Our adversary is a stalker. There are few things in life more unnerving than being stalked night and day by someone you cannot see. The enemy is smart enough to dispatch his agents to study us, document how we handle situations, learn our lifestyle and verify what buttons that when pushed cause us to crash and burn. There is a term in the Bible called “familiar spirits” and that is in reference to demons whose sole mission is to stalk God's people, probing for weaknesses and relaying this information up the chain of command to the adversary himself.

If at times you feel as though you are being watched, YOU ARE! The greater your responsibility to the Body of Christ may be, the closer you will be watched so as to breed familiarity with you. The things the enemy learns he then uses to trip us up, distract us, bring us down (both mentally and physically) etc. Make no mistake about it, the enemy is ruthless, unrelenting and persistent when it comes to doing whatever it takes to hinder and obstruct the will of God as it is manifested in and through His people. The enemy is highly motivated (by hate), highly trained and highly intelligent (he was, after all, the original angel of light). We must NEVER underestimate the adversary's commitment or his desire to entangle, ensnare or engulf spiritually naïve children of God in his net of deception and/or seduction.

Are we to be afraid of this adversary? Of course not, for 1 John says that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Are we to cower in fear behind locked doors because we have an enemy who is evil? Of course not, for through and in Christ Jesus we have been give power over the enemy. Are we to take lightly our adversary because of this power? We better not lest through our ignorance and pride we walk right into whatever traps the enemy lays for us. What should our mindset be when it comes to dealing with the adversary?

Many times the spiritual conflict comes down to a battle of wills. The enemy has his will, which is to steal, kill and destroy. God has his will, which is to bless, heal and provide for His children. When the enemy is pressing his will on our lives, the result is affliction, distress and tribulation. We cannot stop these things from happening, but rather we must learn to endure them, knowing that if we endure, in due season we will WIN. We cannot impose God's will on the enemy in the sense that we can destroy him, but we can rise up and exercise the power and authority we have in Christ Jesus to command the adversary to “stand down” if God allows us to do so. We must be ready and willing to take the offensive if and when God says to do so. Always remember, the time to clean your rifle is not during the heat of the battle.

Preparation, protection, patience and power are all elements to claiming our spiritual victory in Christ. We must prepare ourselves for battle through training and learning all we can about our enemy. We must put on the whole armor of God to have the protection needed to endure the enemy's onslaught. We must exercise great patience as we hang on during times of attack and we must always believe in the power of God in Christ in us at all times. To the extent we operate the four P's, we have a fighting chance to make it through an attack and then be able to respond with and in God's power while the enemy reloads or rests.

Many believers want nothing to do with the spiritual battle. They are petrified of satan and would rather do nothing to make him mad than have to deal with his wrath. How warped is this thinking? Should not our prayer rather be to rise up as mighty sons and daughters of God and in so doing strike fear in the heart of the enemy instead of running away and hiding whenever the enemy says “Boo” ?

Rise up brothers and sisters! Put on the mind of Christ. Put on the whole armor of God. Put on patience so as to endure. Put on the ironclad belief that God's power is greater than anything the enemy can think or dream of doing. The battle is the Lord's and He will prevail. That is the final “P” in our lesson. We shall prevail through in the power and protection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog, I was reminded that it is a tactic of the enemy to tell you that he has won and therefore the battle is over. This is a lie. He has NOT won! This is merely a ploy to entice us to throw down our weapons and surrender. We must NOT do that...ever. No matter how fierce the battle is or how hopeless it seems, we must remember that God is the one who goes before us.


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·


:clap: Excellent blog! Just excellent :clap:

We are not to be ignorant of the enemy's devices.

This blog series is vital.

Thank you, my MOG, your blest

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

I agree with "your blest" - "Excellent blog! Just excellent" :clap:

I read it aloud to my sister this morning, and I can't tell you how spiritually enriching we found it to be. God just keeps helping you, Kirk, to write astoundingly "vital" blogs that are helping all of us. God bless you and thank you, thank you for these blogs. They are PRICELESS!

Sylvia Kinley @heavenlyminded ·

"Preparation, protection, patience and power are all elements to claiming our spiritual victory in Christ."


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

May I remember just who I am in Christ and never get caught with my "armor" off!



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