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Since I am somewhat of an expert on moving heavy things, I can attest to the fact that there are some things that must be pushed and some which must be pulled to get them to move. I am reminded of the futility in trying to pull or push a stubborn horse. To get a horse to move it must either be coaxed or given a slap on the rear end. One simply cannot pull or push it even to water or food.

Back when we had two horses there was a need to haul bags of feed and hay up their run in once a week. This experience was a challenge during times of snow, but I learned to use a plastic sled I had purchased 20 years ago. I could put 100 pounds on that sled and pull it effortlessly over the snow but of course it would be fruitless to push it. This past winter I even learned to add a rope and pull the sled with the rope around my waist the way explorers used to do.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and I believe it. Sometimes one simply must throw the instruction guide away and do whatever works in life. I believe that there are situations that arise where the only way to tap into God s answer is to sit back and allow Him to do much of the "heavy work". I also believe there are times when God expects us to do that work with His help.

No one ever said everything that comes up in life would be easy to figure out once you get saved. But, easy or not, with God s help and guidance we can succeed in enduring, overcoming and doing what needs to be done to remain faithful and blessed no matter what comes our way. Trusting God is not necessarily easy but it is always simple. Walking by faith many times is not easy but it can be as simple as learning a little "spiritual horse sense" so as to know whether to push, pull, coax or just let go altogether and let God handle it Himself.

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Alison Stewart (@kiwibird) always tells me "to let go and let God". This does not mean that no action is ever going to be required on your part. Instead it means you allow God to direct your steps. You will push when He says push. You will pull when He says to pull and you will punt when He says punt. Far too often I forget that He is the Director... not me. Thanks for the reminder!


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[quote]Trusting God is not necessarily easy but it is always simple. [/quote]

:clap: I wish I had said that!

You reminded me of a service at a church we used to attend. I watched as a couple were trying to get their donkey into the church. One person pulling on the 'rope' at the front and one trying to push from behind. The donkey just dug his hooves in and wasn't planning on going anywhere. Eventually he relented.

How often do I ignore the warning signs and pull/push while God is saying wait? Why am I prepared to settle for second best because of a 'Now' mentality? sigh!

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