Putting and keeping God first in our lives

What is the yearning of your soul? Is it to know God better and love Him more? There is no greater passion than to crave a deeper relationship with God. There is no greater reason for living than to love God and live His love.

It is all well and good to know OF God but actually knowing God is far great. Learning about God from His Word is essential to understanding Him, but building a relationship with God entails far more than reading and studying the Bible. It takes total openness and honesty to experience the richness of who God is, what He has done and will do for you.

Throughout the Bible there are numerous references to “meditating” upon God and His Word. We all know how this concept has been turned into devilish practices, but that it not to negate the fact that we are to dwell upon, think about and deeply ponder the meaning of verses in the Bible and events that happen in our lives.

A question we should all ask ourselves daily is how much time we spend thinking about God and what He is doing in our lives. So many times we allow the business of the day to usurp God in our minds. So many times we allow hours upon hours to go by without so much as one thought about God. Oh how this must hurt the Father’s heart, yet He loves us anyway.

Anything we can do to keep God in our thoughts and the love of God in our actions we must do. If we don’t, we will find ourselves drifting in a sea of negativity and engulfed in the never ending quicksand of empty worldly thoughts and shallow godless motions.

Allowing God into your profession, education, errands etc is absolutely essential if we expect to not fall prey to the beasts that seek our destruction. Most of us need not fear being attacked physically but all of us need to understand the enemy targets our thoughts. Being “on guard” and ready to give an answer for what we believe has to be our daily objective or we will surely find our faith overturned and lying on the ocean floor.

Simple things such as listening to the local Christian music station, putting a Bible verse on your desk and making sure there are times during the day where a “God break” is taken all help us to stay focused on God. We have promises in God’s Word that He is always with us and will never forsake us. But, in order to appropriate these promises, we must keep our minds stayed on God and not drift away from Him.

In our culture of doubt, distrust, anger, selfishness, laziness and worldly distraction; it is vital that we not only read a few verses out of the Bible each day but do whatever it takes to keep God foremost in our thoughts. By putting God first in our lives, we open the floodgates to receive all His great and glorious promises given to us in His Word.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

After reading your blog, I thought about when my husband and I were first dating and even the first days of our marriage. He was in my thoughts constantly which can be a bit distracting when you're in college... especially when you have some classes together and he is sitting next to you, in front of you or behind you (one has to be on one's guard when a guy is sitting behind you :wink: )

There comes a time though, when you get "used" to one another and you find yourself getting distracted by things like work, bills and of course the biggest distractions of all... children. It is not that you stop loving them; it's just that your attention is on other things.

During a marriage, it is critical that the couple recognizes this and conscientiously carves out time to focus only on one another. Sometimes it might be a look or simple comment. Other times, it might be a conversation, a card, a simple little gift or just sitting down next to each other even if you're reading a book and he's studying Greek or Hebrew :wink:. Of course, then there are those times when the two of you must shut out everyone else (even your kids) and simply be together.

This is true in our relationship with our spouse and it is definitely true in our relationship with God!


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I don't know how I could get through even a single day without God in it and lately most days I wouldn't make it through even one hour.

Life is a Journey and knowing God is a Journey. You learn and develop as you go through it.

Very encouraging blog B2Y.


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