Putting away anger before it puts you away

How many problems in life stem from anger? Whether we are talking about personal anger between people or national anger such as was/is being displayed in northern Africa, there is very little good that comes out of allowing anger to reign over logic or letting rage dictate what one says or does.

One of the most common weak spots in people’s lives is uncontrolled anger. Many a relationship has been destroyed through the pride motivated flare ups that move quickly past an argument to a war. Many of us grew up in homes where our parents fought all the time and needless to say the environment was neither pleasant nor uplifting.

My dad truly had an anger problem which was amplified by his drinking. A “mean drunk” is not only obnoxious but scary for they are the ones who many times end up physically harming another person. Thank God my dad never physically hurt my mom or me, but the words he yelled were like daggers aimed at our hearts. Amazingly, when alcohol was not involved, my dad’s temper was a minor issue.

I once worked for a man whose temper ruled his life in such a way that he made everyone around him miserable and to hate him. I did not hate him but I despised his total insensitivity towards the feelings of others and his absolute selfishness as manifested in his “my way or the highway:” mentality.

The opposite of uncontrolled anger is patience. Without patience toward things and longsuffering toward people, we will swallowed up with anger and consumed by rage. The people I have met in this life with the least amount of patience were also the ones whose anger issues held them hostage and prevented them from manifesting love or compassion.

The two kinds of anger are the quick tempered rage that erupts out of nowhere when a person feels cheated, insulted, challenged or let down. The other kind of anger is the slow simmering anger that slowly builds up over time and finally erupts in an even fiercer manner than instant rage. Both forms of anger have their own problems and must be dealt with or they will eat a person up and destroy them.

Like so many things, controlling one’s anger takes discipline and changing the way we look and react to things that come up in life. Anger leads to sin and that is why Ephesians tells us to not sin because of our anger. Jesus got angry at a barren fig tree but He did not sin. Peter got angry at the guard in the garden and cut off his ear with his sword thus sinning.

Anger is nothing to play around with. It can consume a person and ruin their personal, professional and social relationships. More than anything else, anger causes us to break fellowship with God which of course leads to alienation from God. We can get mad but it must stop it there or it leads to the kind of anger and wrath that is specifically spoken against in the New Testament.


Beautifully said, amen and amen! My mother is the instant erupt, my father was the slow simmer but when his top blew you didnt want to be anywhere around. My mother lost her temper often, her words would cut like a knife. It has only been in the past 10 years that there has been healing in our relationship and that is only becasue of the Lord. My father raised his voice at me one time, that was over 25 years ago and to this day I can remember what I had done and what he said to me. I had shattered my fathers trust in me with my foolish teenage behavior, instead of tuning his words out I heard them and they changed me.

When we react to our life in anger it has many side-effects. It effects us, it effects those close to us, it effects our walk with the Lord.

In His Love,


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is an issue I have had to struggle with my whole life. If I don't keep a careful guard on it, I can erupt in a split second. It is easy to excuse your behavior by saying you are an "expressive" person, you should not bottle things up, this was the say God made you, etc but that's what those are... excuses. :(

God did not remove my "passion" for the same passion that can cause my temper to erupt is the very same passion that spurs me into taking action doing very positive things. I need that "passion" but it is up to me as to whether it is used for build up and encourage or whether it is used to cut down and destroy.


K :princess:

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

A wise and perceptive blog article. A quick temper is a curse and that is certain.

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good blog. Speaking strictly practically, allowing your anger to take over removes good judgement from your mind. You put yourself at the mercy of your surroundings and the poeple around you. Many times this anger gets you in trouble, but not with what who or what were upset about. For example, you are mad at your boss, so you loss control and drive home recklessly. You end up in an accident, maybe hurting someone who you didn't even know. - bibleguy64

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Great Blog B2Y

I've found that anger is like an undetected cancer, it eats away at you until there is no good thing left of you.

Thank God for His mercy and forgiveness. For in Him we can overcome such anger and find unspeakable joy to replace it.


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