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Does it really matter one bit who wins the baseball or football game? Does it really matter one bit who does what on your favorite television show? Does it really matter who gets the prime parts in the school play or who got more food on their plate at the restaurant? The things that seem so important to most are actually the most insignificant and meaningless things there are in life from God’s point of view.

We learn from an early age to place great importance on how we look, what clothes we wear, the style of our hair and size of our muscles. We learn vanity at a very early age and keep learning it as we get older and older. By our teen years we are obsessed with wearing just the right clothes to school lest we have no friends and looked upon as freaks.

As we grow older we do the same things with the house we live in and the car we drive. We have to project the image that in our minds will make us popular and win us the undying respect and envy of our friends. We spend money we don’t have in a vain attempt to be something we are not and do things we actually detest doing.

Those things which seem so important, so essential and so desired in time become things that mean nothing to us as we age and our health fails. By the time we can’t walk without a walker and oxygen, we no longer care about how we look or what kind of house we live in. All our energy is directed at living another day and not at impressing everyone with our façade.

The world is made up of many fake people. The world as portrayed on television, in glamour magazines, in movies, books and on the internet is a total counterfeit of the real world. Those who think the life they see portrayed by celebrities is in any way genuine, are sadly deluded. It is all a show.

I would rather be real and be rejected, laughed at and left in the dust than to appear to have it all but know in my heart it is all fake and for show. God looks on our hearts and He desires that we be who He made us and not become what the world says you must be to receive its honor and praise.

God loves us just the way we are and when we cease trying to be someone we are not and living in a way that is unreasonable and dishonest—then we can enjoy something the world doesn’t have a clue of how to have, and that is PEACE. When the struggle to be anything other than YOU ceases, the peace which passes all understanding takes hold of the reigns of the heart and then we can honestly be content with who we are and what we have instead of living a lie.


The Father who sees us through and through sees through the masks and the vain trappings that distract from the true... ... ..If we remember that as we serve Him with a true heart, He blesses- no one else to impress but He who called us to Himself, to serve Him and to live for Him. We are only His instruments, and He the maestro, as He adds one or takes away one from His orchestra. He conducts the music and if there is a faulty instrument He removes for repairs and tender loving care to reinstate at a later time - His time. May we play His music true that we will be able to praise Him truly in eternity. Let's live truly for Him first.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The enemy seems to make us either think too much of ourselves or not enough of ourselves. May we learn to see ourselves as God made us and realize that we are precious in His sight...

Instead of trying to be someone whom we are not, we need to learn to become the very best "me" we can be!


K :princess:

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

B2Y, I read many things in this blog that speak to me, yet I am having a hard time expressing the exact sentiments about this piece that I'd like...

At least, it's good to know I'm hearing the whisperings of the Holy Spirit again.


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

not wearing "suspenders" yet but found myself walking like a combonation "fred sanford of (sandford&son) and a duck.. but hey i'm still walking but not quacking lol be blessed


Dear B2Y--For me, being 70 and not needing to care about all of that superficial stuff is a blessing. Ecclesiastes 12 is a very light-hearted rendition of what aging is like. When I'm tempted to feel good about feeling bad, I remember Solomon's appraisal. I especially like the bit about having few "grinders" (i.e., teeth). I was once told the first two things to go with old age. The second one was memory, and I forgot the first. LOL!!! Good blog. YBIC--Ron

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