Remembering the goodness and wonder of our God

As many people dwell upon everything wrong with their lives, I have thought often recently about all the good, cool, amazing and wonderful things I have enjoyed in my 62 years upon this earth. We certainly feel better and live longer if we dwell on the good verses concentrating on the bad.

In 1985 I flew from Wichita, Kansas to Denver, Colorado on the evening of July 4th. What makes this special is that I was able to witness fireworks displays from the top looking down all along the way. It was certainly an evening I will never forget because fireworks have a distinctly different look when seeing them from 34,000 feet instead of from the ground.

In 1978 I had the opportunity to fly to Anchorage, Alaska to minister to the saints there and in Fairbanks. In the Anchorage airport (at least back then) was a moose standing 10 foot tall. Seeing the size of that moose made a lasting impression upon me. A few days later as I traveled with two other people from Fairbanks to a little place called Delta Junction; I got to see a real live moose not too very far from the road. It was both thrilling as well as terrifying to see one of the world's biggest animals live and in person.

In 1980 I was privileged to visit a small fellowship in a tiny speck of a town in rural Mississippi. The old house was filled to overflowing with people who were craving to hear God's Word. By the way, every single one of them was black. By the time we were done with that fellowship, I truly felt like I was just like the people I had spent 90 minutes ministering to. By the way, most of the people there could not read or write.

In 2006 while ministering to the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina, I had the opportunity to take a truck full of supplies to an outreach center I had only been to once before. This outreach was headed by Carolyn Thompson, who to this day is one of my closest friends. She was the one who opened the back door of the truck and while standing on an 18 inch wide board, proceeded to jump not once but three times as she saw a blue feeding chair used for a severely disabled person.

They had such a person they were trying to take care of and had been praying for a chair just like the one on the truck. Watching her jumping around on that board praising Jesus I could not help but feel I had honestly done something constructive with this life. AS the chair was taken off the truck all the people there gathered round it and did some kind of victory dance as they praised Jesus for His goodness and grace. Yes, I joined in with them.

In 1972, while conducting a class in Peoria, Illinois I had the opportunity to witness the healing power of God as never before. Between the class and my teachings, the people's level of faith rose to the point that they demanded and received a ministering night. I vividly recall teaching the Word of God and then one by one ministering healing to the 35 people there. I know that at least 5 people had their sight restored to them and they crunched their glasses under their feet. Others were healed of diseases and many other maladies. Never before and never since have I seen the power of God unleashed as I did that night.

In 1970, while with the church work group in Glasgow, Montana I saw something that turned the trip from a total fiasco for me to one of the greatest events of my life. I had many personal problems on that trip and turned into a recluse. No one could pull me out of the “funk” I had settled into. The last night there a group of native Americans who used the sight we were working on for worship and retreats, were having a service in the newly restored chapel. All of us were sitting around a campfire outside the building.

Suddenly above us lights started flickering and within seconds there was a full blown showing of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights). None of us had ever seen one before and we were awe struck. Just then, someone opened the door to the chapel so we could hear the worshippers inside sing the Hallelujah Chorus. The combination of the northern lights and the beautiful chorus was incredible. For me, all my selfishness melted away in the flood of tears I shed. By the time both events were over, all of us were hugging each other and crying our eyes out.

These are just a few of the incredible times and events I have had the joy of experiencing in this life. How about you? What kind of wonderful things have you experienced or been a part of? God is so good to us and wants to bless us with His grace and love.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

You have certainly been blessed beyond measure on all of the occasions and there are no doubt more that you have not mentioned. To be honest I cannot match your experiences, or should I say I cannot recall such great 'stand out' highlights in my journey but there have been precious moments. Yes such thoughts are to be viewed as the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Reading your blog caused me to remember a couple of my own experiences that were somewhat similar to yours. On the evening of July 4th 1978 I was on a flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis. I will never forget seeing all the firework displays below us as we flew over the Great Plains.

Moose are indigenous to Minnesota where I live and though I have never seen one in the wild like you did, I have seen them in protected environments and they are truly magnificent. The moose population has been declining here over the past few years at an alarming rate however and to date, no one has been able to get to the bottom of the mystery. Minnesota moose appear to be in deep trouble.

Living where I do, I too have marveled at the beauty of the Northern Lights.

One miraculous event that stands out in my mind occurred the summer of 1982 just after my husband and I had graduated from college and moved back to MN. Jobs were very scarce and we had managed to get some seasonal work at a small factory. We had used nearly all of our money in the move and to pay the first month's rent on our apartment. We literally only had a few dollars left for food. It certainly was not nearly enough to get two people through the next four weeks until we got our first paycheck (the pay period had just ended when we started).

We drove to the store and prayed. What should we buy? We went into the store and figured we had enough money to make a pot of chili and so that's what we got. We ate a total of six bowls of chili each day. We each had one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It took a few days before we noticed something strange was happening. The pot continued to be half full. Needless to say, we started to get real excited. We didn't have much and it was the same thing day after day but we realized that we were witnessing a miracle. This should have been gone within a few days but we were now well into the second week and the pot was still half full.


Thanks Kirk for sharing your experience of your journey !

I don't have nothing quite like you have shared with us and by comparison to yours would be a book and mine is a flyer very small in size.

Be blessed forever

Beth M @blest ·

Almost 30 years ago, I married my man of God! Can't beat that!


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