Removing the images we have of jesus

I think that because we are humans, we tend to humanize God and the things of God. By doing this, we end up lowering God to our standards and to our images. Instead of God being who He is (Almighty, Everlasting, all powerful, all knowing, ever present etc), God ends up being conformed to our thinking and ability to visualize Him. Perhaps this is why all the attempts to portray Jesus (black, white, big, slender, long hair, short hair etc) are dangerous and are borderline idolatry. I have known believers who have so many images of Jesus around, their home looks like a pagan temple.

There is no human being alive today that knows what Jesus looked like. Any attempt to come up with an image of Him is pure speculation that is usually motivated by movies and art. For this reason, we try to avoid any pictures or other forms of art that have some image of what the artist thinks Jesus looked like. This may seem like a trivial thing, but it is not. Idolatry is subtle and creeps in through man's desire to have an image to go with a name.

Many of you on this site are truly beloved to me. I consider you as friends. Yet, I have no idea what many of you look like, nor do I really care. I do not love and respect you because of what you look like but rather because of who you are, what you write and how you pray. Why are we, as humans, so hung up on appearance? Why does everything in life, or so it appears at time, revolve around being pretty, handsome, having beautiful hair, etc. A person's true worth is not found in their outward appearance but rather what is found in their heart.

I freely admit that I am not much to look at. The years of physical pain I have endured along with other factors prohibit me from adorning the cover of any magazine. For the most part I do not care what people think about me, for there is no way I can ever live up to their standards. I am who I am and I refuse to spend my life attempting to become something and someone I am not. People have to appreciate me for who I am and not because of the way I look.

When we think of Jesus, we must drive from our minds all the images we have been fed and allow Him to show us who He is. When I hear songs talking about how beautiful Jesus is, I wonder if they are referring to images or what Jesus has revealed to them individually. When I talk to and worship Jesus, I do not see a long haired man with a pretty face. I do not see anyone. I cherish the reality that when the trumpet sounds, THEN I will see Jesus face to face and see Him for who He is and not what I assumed He would look like.

What if Jesus is indeed a man of color with short hair? If so, many believers may end up wandering around heaven looking for a white man with long hair. This sounds crazy, but I hope it conveys my point that we need get rid of all the preconceived ideas we have of who and what Jesus looks like and concentrate on who and what He is to us in this life. We have an eternity to enjoy His presence and beauty. One more thought; just how beautiful was Jesus when He was hanging on the cross, mangled and not even looking like a man? Most turned their eyes away from Him due to his ugliness. I pray we never to that to Him or any of His people.

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I understand what you are saying and agree but as I read this I thought about the one picture I do have, which is entitled "Jesus and the Lamb". Unlike pictures I have seen of Jesus holding a lamb, this sketch portrays a lamb that is being cuddled lovingly and protectively by the shepherd. Many years ago, I gasped when I first saw it and began to cry. You see, I was going through a rough spot at the moment and while the details of what I was experiencing escape me, I remember looking at that picture and "hearing" God whisper to me, "That lamb is you." That was why I started to cry. I bought that little $5.00 sketch to remind me and anyone who enters my home that they are loved by God. More than one person over the years has gazed at that picture and broke into tears as well. Occasionally, God has prompted me to give that same picture to someone else.

Perhaps that is the difference. It serves to remind me that the Lord is my shepherd, it is not a "picture" of what He looks like. It is a visual reminder for me of who He is, if that makes any sense.


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John Knox (@watchmanjohn)

Good blog but mankind has always had a 'hankering' to create God in their image as is seen in the OT Baals and in the Roman images of Christ and Mary and their may icon relics. For many to walk by faith is not enough for they must have an image for their soulish attitudes as seen in the children of Israel desiring a King. Walking by faith means simply trusting in a God who is bibber much much bigger than ourselves and to tie God to an image is to lessen his majesty.