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Why do we, as Christians, make things so difficult? Why do we take things that are very simple and turn them into complex puzzles no one can understand? Why do we turn beautiful elements of our walk into complicated and burdensome mazes from which there is no way out?

Living life in fellowship with God is not that difficult to understand. A person does not need 150 “how to” books to get it right. The fact is that many times believers get bombarded by too much information that usually contradicts other information. This breeds confusion, frustration and ultimately a lack of enthusiasm for walking with God.

The Christian walk is not some matrix that takes a secret formula to figure out. Bookstores are filled with volumes of books supposedly promoting the missing links to successful Christian living. If one were to read every one of these books, I am quite sure their walk would be a train wreck and their minds would be melted goo.

Over the years, I have taken note of the predominant enemies that consistently distract, defeat and ultimately destroy the simple joy of walking with and for the Lord. Among these things are of course fear, pride, greed etc. But, the single biggest thing I have noticed that causes the most problems for believers is confusion.

That which breeds confusion is conflicting information, conflicting commands and conflicting demands. When someone is told they must do ten entirely different things to be blessed, they quickly become confused and end up very “unblessed”. When a person is given ten different maps that supposedly will lead them to prosperity, health and bliss; they will inevitably end up lost and in a state of despair, dejection and defeat.

Jesus Christ laid out the simplicity of how to walk for Him, love Him and follow Him. Although much of what Jesus taught is very difficult to do, it is SIMPLE to understand if one has a meek heart. When people desire an EASY way to live for God is when they always end up in a ditch somewhere.

When Jesus called His disciples, He simply told them to drop everything and follow Him. If they stopped and tried to figure it out, they would have never done it. But, if they simply obeyed and did what He said, they enjoyed the fruit of their obedience. I believe far too much time is spent trying to figure out the hidden meaning of things that are really quite simple.

When God says go, we should go. When God says stop, we should stop. When God says speak, we should speak. When God says be quiet, we should shut up. Why must we make things more complicated than they really are? Our lives would be infinitely simpler and rewarding if we spent less time being confused by conflicting commands and just did what the Lord says to do when the Lord says to do it. SIBKIS (see it big keep it simple)

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As my husband and I are embarking on our newest adventure, a friend suggested to us that we stop looking months, weeks, or even days ahead. We needed to just look to the next moment and be obedient. God will take care of the future... and of us!

A young child, for the most part, does not worry about being taken care of. As long as they are with an adult who they know loves and cares for them whether it is a parent, grandparent, relative or even a family friend, they don't worry about where they will sleep or what they will eat. They don't become concerned about what will happen to them if they become hurt or sick. Someone is caring for them and that is enough. Someone is caring for us.

[quote]Our lives would be infinitely simpler and rewarding if we spent less time being confused by conflicting commands and just did what the Lord says to do when the Lord says to do it.[/quote]

I agree!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said and well written for the Christian walk is simple - one has to have faith has a child as Jesus said to enter into the kingdom. This way we keep it simple. We confuse the issue when we try to figure things out with our intellect. KISS = keep it simple stupid is the key to the walk with Jesus. Child like faith and obedience - trust and obey as the ol' hymn writer said.

thanks for the blog - its been a real blessing


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

'Why do we, as Christians, make things so difficult? "


After many years, I'm still trying to find an answer to that question.

I'll never understand why Christians want to make your walk with God so complicated and complex that people just don't understand or even want to get evolved with it.

@K :princess: Just keep "One day at a time sweet Jesus -that's all I'm asking of you. Just help me to take , one day at a time."


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