Should a Christian take medication?

A couple of years ago my doctor suggested I start taking a medication normally used for depression for my fibromyalgia. I fought the idea for quite some time because I did not want the stigma of being on an anti-depressant when I did not have a depression problem. Ultimately the pain became so severe I relented and started the medicine at the lowest possible dose available.

Within a couple of days of starting the medicine I did see some improvement with my pain symptoms, but I also saw something else; a marked reduction in my lifelong battle with anger. As it turned out, although I did not have depression, but I did have a Swedish temper that more than once caused me GREAT woe in my life. I just thought it was part of my personality until a low level of medicine wiped it away.

I have taken that pill every night for nearly two years and thank God for working through it to reign in my natural tendency to allow my anger to flare up. I cannot think of one time in the past two years when I had an anger issue. It is truly remarkable how this turned out.

Although this blog is highly personal, I wanted to share it because so many believers have such an aversion to medicine because they think it replaces faith. For some I would agree this is so, but for many of us, medication is what allows us to function and in some cases helps correct flaws in our body and/or mind.

A couple of weeks ago I had a minor surgery to repair a hernia. One of the problems resulting from the surgery was my inability to release urine the way I was supposed to. I saw the surgeon who prescribed a simple drug that increased the flow. The results have been astounding and my regular doctor was impressed for as it turned out, I had a bit of a problem with my prostate gland and didn’t know it.

Medication is not something to be afraid of just as it not something to abuse. There are sound medical reasons for taking certain medicines for particular afflictions. The interesting thing is that some times in the course of taking a drug, we are pleasantly surprised to find out a hidden problem that escaped diagnosis is dealt with and the benefits are astounding.

My point in sharing these things with you is that I am of the belief we need to cease treating the taking of medication as some kind of curse or sign of weakness. I do not believe for one instant that seeing a doctor, taking medication or having procedures done means you are some kind of bad person receiving punishment from God for sin. That is silly talk that only hurts people.

If you have a headache, you take something to get rid of it. If you have a stomach ache you take something to get better. If you have a broken leg you seek medical attention immediately. If you have chest pains you better call 911 ASAP. These things are just common sense and as believers we need to manifest a whole lot more simple logic and get off our high and self righteous horses and realize that there are times when seeking medical attention or taking medication makes the difference between being miserable and enjoying the more abundant life Jesus promised us.


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K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

When I was a young girl, my mother made a statement to my pediatrician while I was seeing him which I have never, ever forgotten. She mentioned that she believed in divine healing. He looked at her and said, "If someone breaks their arm, I can set it but only God can heal it." He recognized that God has given us amazing bodies with the ability to fight disease and repair itself and he recognized that ability to do so comes from God. Also, you can give two people with identical conditions the identical medication and yet have very different outcomes.

As you know, I've had the experience of having my immune system brought to it's knees when I was being treated for cancer. It is not a pretty sight but I walked away from that experience having a very deep appreciation for the the amazing bodies God created.

I truly appreciate the knowledge and skill God has given to mankind to play a role in the care and healing of those who get sick or injured. Most people seem to forget that the vast majority of drugs are taken from plant-life or are synthetic versions of such drugs. Does it ever occur to us that God may have made these plants with "healing properties" for a reason?

I know there are Christians who believe that my going through cancer treatment demonstrated a lack of faith in God and I shouldn't have done so. It is easy to say what someone should do or not do when the outcome doesn't affect you! In my case God made it very clear to me that I was to go through treatment and here I am nearly five years later. God may tell someone else to take a different course of action. Perhaps, rather than criticizing people for the decisions they make we would do better to support and pray for one another. Hmm... now there's a thought!


K :princess:

Rob Henson @greybear ·

We live in a fallen world that now is flooded with disease, emotion, and destruction that never was intended. Yet in His own time He, our Creator, grants his children grace through the discoveries that can heal the physical and the Holy Spirit to heal the spiritual. By2, what I love about the blog is that at no time are you claiming that your restoration came by the spirit of the man but through the mind and hands of man. Man can discover healing through medicine because God has designed His creation to respond to it. God has given us life to live it fully and to truly find joy in it. Take what God has given, every 4 hrs with food or milk, and lift your hands and heart to praise him for the day. Super blog By2 and thanks for sharing so personally. We, the church, do not do this often enough.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Always moderation, just like everything else. The stiffness from arthritis finally got so bad and frequent I have to take ibuprofen everyday, The negative is that all the medicines have side-effects and will over time have some kind of reaction, somewhere.

I have seen people ask before-hand for the strong medicine, whether a tooth or surgery. Before they even know how bad the pain would be. I got a relative that has to have a stock of Lortabs, and will use different doctors and even the internet to get them.

My mom had to take medicine for high blood-pressure, and it would tend to over time cause side-effects like low potassium, bad headaches, stomach pain, etc, and they would have to adjust or change the medication.

Finally and most important, the woman with an issue of blood for twelve years was mentioned. Mark and Lukes gospels tell us that she had spent much on physicians, all that she had, and was no better for it, but rather grew worse. It should be noted that neither Jesus, nor the disciples, made that an issue of warning or condemnation, in regards to her faith. Many within christendom sure would today.

Enjoyed the blog and the comments. God Bless.

Justin Finucan @justicefin ·

I think you still can be healed to a certain degree, but much of Christianity is wrong in this notion of seeking medical help. All or most (saving for the disease that God gives to show His glory like the blind man in John) disease or sickness is of the devil. We are just too prideful to accept that we have unclean spirits inside our bodies that cause the sickness or disease.

Proof: The disiples walked with Jesus daily so in the account of John they ask if it was that man's sin or ancesterial sin that caused the blindness. So we have to conclude that sin, normally, causes sickness because we allow the devil to work in our lives by breaking the Law of God.
Deuteronomy 28:60
Moreover he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt, which thou wast afraid of; and they shall cleave unto thee.

God's protection for obedience to the Law:
Deuteronomy 7:15 And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee.

Healing verses:
Psalm 103:3
Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
Luke 9:1
Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

See that disease is tied to having a devil?

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

I did enjoy your personally story here but I am going to add just a bit of my own experience. Having rheumatoid arthritis I have had lots of experience with medications sense 1979. I witnessed many people that were taking 4 or 5 different medication for their RA. When a side effect would happen, their doctor would add something that would counteract that effect. I made it clear to my doctor I was not going to do that. I am willing to take medication as prescribed, but not blindly.
In 2005, I developed a very bad case of a nasty virus called Shingles. The doctor said it was the worst he had ever seen. First, the pain medication made me feel worse not better, leaving me light headed and dizzy most of the time. I could not concentrate on anything. Than I fell and broke my arm. The side effect of the shingles can be nerve damage, the nerves that feel pain. I went from cold and wet to hat and dry. The doctor wanted to add a medication used for controlling epileptic seizures. I felt very uneasy about this medication and decided not to take it but rather learn to live with the extreme feelings of cold/wet and hot/dry. I also asked him to change that pain medication to a milder one. That did not completely remove the pain, but at least it was to a level that allowed me to think.
When I was talking with the orthopedic doctor that set my arm, he asked what medications I was on. I told him and also told him about the anti-seizure medication that I decided not to take. He said he though it might have been the best decision as people taking that medication have a much slower healing process for broken bones, as long as I could deal with the hot/cold and wet/burning feelings.
We need to be informed as patients. I always use caution with medications as some doctors do seem to over medicate.
Let me end by saying the nerve damage was not permanent. I had trouble for several months but it finally stopped. Now I have only an occasional discomfort, usually when I am tired or stressed.
Everything in moderation as BillyB said above.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

[quote]I guess that's what it comes down to. We need to individually seek God in every situation we face. When we do that with our whole heart, we can be confident that He will direct us as to what course of action (if any) we should take.[/quote]

That is what I was trying to say in my comment above this. It is not a lack of faith to take medicine. It is not a lack of trust to not take everything offered. I did not make my decision lightly but with prayer, thought and research.


Jeff Houdyshelt @christianjeff ·


Really enjoyed reading your view about medication. I also suffered with depression, and pain due to some severe injuries I sustained while working. My view of taking medications is this. I believe that God places doctors on this earth to be his angels of healing. Therefore if you follow the direction and treatment, you are doing so with God's approval. I could not function without my daily medication. I also believe that God can heal us of any ailment or disease. He saved my wife just a few months ago. Medication is just another tool that doctors use to make our lives better, and as long as you follow your prescription therapy and do not abuse those medicines, then I think that God would certainly give his approval.

Deborah Pinnell @dpinnell5 ·

Our family owns a Pharmacy, but i don't take medicine much. I enjoyed this blog. I have struggled with my son taking medication. He was diagnosed with depression. I thought he just needed JESUS and didn't follow through with the meds, and long story short, he started to medicate him self with street drugs. The past two years have been a nightmare. I have realized that some people do need medication and the medicine does help him. Thanks for sharing.

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