Should Christians have insurance and take medication?

Recently, as we rushed to submit our 2014 choices for medical insurance etc, we were confronted once again with the conundrum of the insurance. Insurance is nothing more than financial protection against loss or harm. Insurance is demanded for automobiles (liability) and real estate when there is a mortgage involved. Soon, medical insurance will no longer be optional in the USA.

There are some Christians who absolutely freak out when told they “must” have insurance. To them, it is a confession of unbelief to carry insurance on themselves, their bodies, cars or homes. However understandable this is, in our day and time it is very unrealistic. Since all it would take is one lapse in judgment while driving resulting in a crash that could severely injure or even kill another person; to me, insurance is NOT a confession of doubt but rather being wise as serpents yet gentle as doves.

This whole topic is related to the age old question of whether it is right for a Christian to take prescription medication, especially pain killers. The argument is that God can and will kill pain far better and faster than a drug. This is a true statement but what happens if the faith to remove the mountain of pain is not there and pain so intense and acute that it literally renders a person useless and helpless arises?

Far too many times Christians get all hung up manifesting a “Super Believer” image while suffering intense physical and psychological pain within. In some cases, I believe this borders on hypocrisy. If out of one side of the mouth comes statements of faith and confessions that God will take care of the pain but out of the other comes groans that come from excruciating pain...

A few years ago I was diagnosed with some off the wall condition that produces at times unbearable pain. Confronted with either being rendered useless to God due to this pain or taking some pills that somewhat keep it under control, I chose to take the pills believing that God uses them to help me. My trust and faith are NOT in the pills but rather in my God who works through the pills to allow me to function.

I have been told that I am weak, addicted and a disgrace to the God I love because of my choices. I have been told that I am more worthless to God because I have to take medication on a regular basis than if I were confined to bed or clinging to the walls due to the pain. Like the discussion about insurance, any believer who must take prescription medication to function (or live) should not feel condemned or accursed.

Speaking as one who has endured open heart surgery, 24 heart catheterizations, various surgeries to remove body parts and countless diagnostic tests trying to determine the root cause of my pain; I can say boldly and with extreme conviction that there is nothing wrong with allowing God to work through pills just as He works through insurance etc.

God has promised to take care of us. How He does this is His business. Our job is to have absolute trust in God that He will see us through and keep our little boat afloat. If this takes draining the lake, so be it. If it takes patching the boat so be it. If it takes taking a pill to not freak out during a storm, so be it. God will take care of us if we do not place demands on HOW He is to do it.

Thank you and Blessings 2 You!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with this blog. More than two months before I knew for certain that I would have to have chemo and radiation as part of my cancer treatment (not everyone does), God made it VERY clear to me that I need to endure that and that I could attempt to do it on my own or I cling tightly to Him and trust Him to bring me through it.

Over the first month or so, the medication for my TN was failing miserably. How I cried out to God! Then... dramatically things began to work and while I am still aware that it is not completely gone, it is like it is muffled or muted. I am vaguely aware that the nerve is not working properly but there more of a sense of mild discomfort from time to time rather than the unbelievable pain of feeling like my face was being ripped in two. Every day I thank God for His healing touch!

I pay an additional fee on my gas bill each month to cover the breakdown of my large appliances, including my furnace and central a/c unit. Just one month after we started doing that, our furnace decided to break down around midnight on a Sunday night when the temperature was headed down toward zero degrees. Believe me, we were very glad that the gas company was there within an hour, fixed our furnace and handed us a bill for $0.00. Since that time, I have paid out less than $3,500.00 out of pocket but believe me, I have had far more than $3,500.00 in service calls, replacement parts, inspections and cleanings and so forth.

Yes, there is faith in God but there is also prudence. God NEVER condones foolishness. Never.


K :princess:

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

One of the temptations Satan used in tempting Christ was when he told Jesus to fling Himself off a pinnacle of the temple because scripture said that angels would bear Him up and not let His foot strike a stone. Jesus replied that it was written, "Do not put the Lord your God to the test." The providential nature of God has provided humans with all kinds of help in regards to pain and sickness. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about vaccines causing autism or other things in children. I don't know if there is a connection but vaccines have saved millions of lives. I suffered through mumps, measles and chicken pox when I was growing up and nearly died from measles. People died of measles then and still do in some places. Then there is polio and small pox. Polio is again on the rise and the vaccine is no longer given in this country. God help us if small pox were to make a come back. Entire tribes of Native Americans were wiped out by measles and small pox because they had no immunity to the diseases. We can die from thirst, hunger and exposure. Do we believe it a lack of faith to drink water instead of trusting God to save us because we won't take a drink of water. It is the same kind of reasoning about medication. If God has supplied it for our benefit then use it and give thanks. Phil

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

[quote]My trust and faith are NOT in the pills but rather in my God who works through the pills to allow me to function.[/quote]

This is a wonderful statement, but there is a razor edge between the two, for although we believe we are putting God first we are in fact trusting in the chariots of Egypt. The key is to make certain that we are putting God first by acknowledging that he is in control and nothing is happening by chance as we continue to take the pills but never forgetting to lift up our hands in praise for the God who loves and cares for us, in that he has blessed us beyond our imagination.

Good blog


Billy Beard @billyb ·

I take medicine for the arthritis, ibuprofen. Got off the prescription drugs for the knee. The only caution is that they all have some sort of adverse effect, or, side effects. Depends on what type I suppose. Does the good outweigh the bad. And, of course, none of us enjoy pain.

You make a good point about insurance. And one could say a lot of other things, really. I think we should be good stewards of our health, house, cars or trucks, lawn mowers, etc, etc. We could do without a lot of things. Perhaps we tend to put too much trust in several things. Our health, house, and all the other is eventually gonna wear out. That is not lack of faith. It is just a fact of being on this earth.

Scripture don't mention a lot about sickness, in the NT. It don't mention roof leaks, doors getting out of shape, livestock dying, wagons breaking down, etc, and etc, but most likely it all happened then, as it did before, and has done since.

You gave us a lot to consider. Good points. God bless.

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