Some important things to consider regarding the upcoming weather

I have studied weather my whole life. I love how contrary to what many people think, weather doesn't "just happen". There are scientific reasons for why weather is the way it is at any given time. Because of this, it is very difficult to believe that things such as global warming or large scale climate change really do exist the way some make it appear.

Much of the world's weather is dictated by what goes on in the world's biggest ocean, the Pacific. If the Pacific is warm, it has been given a name "El Nino". When the Pacific cools it becomes "La Nina". When it is warm, places like California get a lot of rain and snow and many times Australia is hot and dry. When the Pacific is cool, the opposite many times takes place.

Within oceans are currents. These currents carry water vast distances. Perhaps the best known of the currents is the Gulf Stream which runs along the United States eastern seaboard and then continues all the way to Ireland and Great Britain. If it were not for the Gulf Stream, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and Norway would be frozen tundra six months of the year.

The temperature on earth is determined by a vast array of circumstances and not just one. For instance, when a huge volcano erupts such as in Indonesia a few years ago, the ash in the atmosphere dramatically cooled the earth for years. This happened many centuries ago when Canada and much of Europe had the year with no summer. Crops failed and a horrible famine resulted because the weather never warmed as usual due to volcanic activity.

We cannot see sunspots but they are a great weather forecaster for those with the right equipment. It has been proven that during times of intense sunspot activity the earth warms and during times of no sunspots the earth cools. These spots run in regular cycles and contribute to the weather patterns on earth. Interestingly, the sun is now years late in starting a new cycle of sunspots. It has been eerily quiet on the face of the sun for many years.

Last year we had an "El Nino" in the Pacific which resulted in warm water which followed the currents and ended up in places like the Arctic Ocean. Due to this, much more of the Arctic icepack is melting faster than normal this summer. The global warming crowd wants to blame this on vehicle emissions, smoke from factories and other unproven theories. In reality, the melting taking place in the Arctic is directly related to the warm waters that were in the Pacific Ocean last year.

Those warm waters have now cooled dramatically (in part due to the melting ice) and we are now entering a very strong "La Nina". In response to this, the ice pack in Antarctica is thicker and bigger than at any time in history. Many experts are already saying that the same thing will happen this winter in the Arctic.

Those who make their living independently studying weather patterns are in agreement on three very important things.

  1. There is a period of intense heat coming to much of the United States and Europe the next two months.
  2. There will probably be more hurricanes this season than in any since records began to be kept.
  3. The upcoming winter promises to be one of the coldest ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Canada, the Northern United States and much of northern Europe.

Jesus did not scold the people for being able to discern the skies to determine the day's weather. He was scolding them for NOT being able to discern the signs from God like they could do with the weather.

Everyone wants a crystal ball so as to know ahead of time what is coming so as to prepare accordingly. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear it is available to know a few important things coming regarding the weather the next year or so. Although we cannot do anything about the weather, it is nice to know what to expect so as to plan accordingly and not be caught off guard.

Next up will be what to expect in a realm far more important to all of us; money. Unlike the weather, that is a subject many people's ears perk up when hearing the mere mention of. Stay tuned.

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

I enjoyed reading and appreciate your knowledge on the subject of weather and weather trends and patterns. Thanks! I did not like reading what is expected for this year, but it IS good to know. :flower: revgenlink

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read this I was recalling winter in Minnesota back in 1977-1978. I was a senior in high school and walked a mile to school, passing by grain elevators next to the railrooad tracks. It got pretty windy there. Just thinking about that winter makes my bones ache for that was how cold it was. I remember one day I didn't have my hat and when I got home that day, the lobes of my ears were nearly frozen. Thankfully they was no frost-bite but oh, that was very painful! It left such an impression on me that since then I have always insisted on having hoods on all my winter jackets and coats... just in case.

May we pay attention to the signs and be prepared for whatever comes our way in this world.


K :princess:


We In Ireland have had three of the most horrid summers ever. I can honestly say that from July into the middle of august last year we did not have one dry day. And I do not mean a little drizzle every day. I am talking about downpours and winds and really cold cold days. Our central heating was on constantly last year.

Now this year is so different. We have had lovely warm dry days and believe me I am so thankful to God for his mercy and grace toward us this year.
I think if I had many more years like the last three I would be telling you to shove over cause I would be on my way.
But this I know... In the rain and with summer temps of no more than 12c God was there. As our villages and towns shivered and flooded, God was there.
There is so much to thank Him for, the Gulf stream is one of those things we may not see, but we sure feel its effect. A little like God really, not seen but felt throughout the country.



Dear B2Y--Ours is such a fickle, discontented culture where weather is concerned. In January, we gripe because it isn't July. Then in July, we complain because of the heat. When the sun beats down, we beg for clouds, and on cloudy days we moan because there is no sun.

Hebrews 13:5 says, "Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for He hath said, 'I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

Though the verse speaks to material possessions, the principle can be extended to weather, health, etc. rather than wasting so much time and energy wanting what others have. As bad off as I may see myself as being, I could always be worse off.

Be blessed, my friend. :pray: Ron

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