Sometimes the best view is from the outside looking in

There are two ways to view any situation. Either we can be on the outside looking in or on the inside looking out. Most would advocate it being better to be on the inside looking out, but in some cases the opposite is really better. Honestly, would you rather be in a box full of snakes looking out or be outside looking in?

Certain situations in life are best viewed from afar for it allows us to be objective in our evaluations. Too many times when we are right in the middle of something we cannot see the forest for the trees. Our objectivity is skewed and we allow our emotions to usurp logic and prejudice to trump fairness.

One of the most heart wrenching episodes in King David's life was when he refused to believe how evil his son Absalom had become and the things he was willing to do to capture power. Perhaps because David was so close to the situation he was unable to see the truth. Perhaps he saw the truth but was unable or unwilling to accept it. Either way, the results were tragic to say the least.

For many years, Paul and Barnabas worked together and were a powerful pair as they traveled ministering to God's people. But, there came a day when these two men started arguing over whether Barnabas' nephew, John Mark, should go on the next itinerary. The contention became so sharp they split up and went their separate ways. Barnabas could not see Mark's problems due to being his uncle.

History is littered with one example after another of fathers throwing their life's work away in their zeal to have their unqualified sons follow in their footsteps and take the reins of responsibility upon their retirement or death. Even today, businesses fail because otherwise very smart people allow their personal feelings to cloud their judgment.

One of the hardest things any of us have to do in this life is to ask for someone else to evaluate a situation we are involved in. Whether in matters dealing with money, law, business or relationships, there are a multitude of occasions when a third party can provide objective evaluations and offer possible solutions we cannot see with our eyes.

When the two women came before King Solomon quarreling over which one was the mother of the baby, Solomon was able to offer impartial advice for he had no personal stake in the matter. Looking in from the outside he saw clearly a way to settle the matter.

It is difficult to muster the humility and trust needed to allow someone on the outside to get involved with our lives and help us. Our prideful nature demands we always be on the inside looking out. As difficult as it is to seek outside advice, if we are willing to do it, we can find a way out when there appeared to be none and see solutions we were too blind to see.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is so true. Often we do require an unbiased second or third party in order to see more clearly.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

"Honestly, would you rather be in a box full of snakes looking out or be outside looking in?"

Well, since you put it like that. :eek: .. Wayyyyyyyy outside!

True, people outside of a situation may see what others too close miss. God Bless brother.

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