Spiritual guerrilla warfare

When was the last time a war was fought with huge armies marching into countries etc?  What was common in World Wars I and II is now a distant memory.  Wars today (and since the Korean conflict) revolve around the activities of guerrillas and the tactics used to stop them.  The tactics used in Viet Nam has been repeated in Iraq and Afghanistan among many places.

Guerrilla warfare is when armed civilians use military tactics such as ambushes, sabotage, raids, the element of surprise and amazing mobility to dominate a slower and larger traditional army.  Many times this is done by striking a target and then withdrawing immediately.  This method of waging war is incredibly effective and efficient. 

I recently read about the Confederate guerrillas who lived in western Missouri who would infiltrate and wreck havoc behind Union lines.  One time these guerrillas snuck into Kansas and pretty much wiped out the city of Lawrence.  Although in due time these fighters were neutralized, they enabled the Civil War to continue in Missouri much longer than it should have.

For the most part, spiritual warfare is much more like guerrilla warfare than the moving of huge armies to invade a territory.  Agents of the enemy sneak around under the cover of darkness setting ambushes and sabotaging the bridges and highways of our lives.  Using the element of surprise, these agents subtly infiltrate our defenses and plant mines and other explosives that catch us off guard and severely damage our plans and purposes.

It is plainly apparent in the New Testament that we are to be vigilant, watchful and on guard at all times.  We must never allow ourselves to let down our spiritual defenses under the pretense of the victory already being won in Jesus.  Although Jesus has triumphed over the forces of the wicked one, we are still engaged in an ongoing warfare with the devil and his hoards of minions.

Specifically, there are two things that we are continually exhorted to do when it comes to spotting and defending ourselves against the wiles of the devil.  We are to be sober and we are to stay awake.  We cannot allow ourselves to become intoxicated by the pleasures of this world or so weary that we cannot stay awake spiritually.  In both cases the end result are guerrillas of the adversary being allowed to sneak in unaware and using the element of surprise dominate us.

We simply must be and remain STRONG, SOBER and VIGILANT.  If we refuse to become spiritually complacent, spiritually weak and spiritually drowsy; then we can put on the whole armor of God and with God’s help expose, suppress, weaken and defeat the devil’s guerrillas intent on wrecking havoc in our lives. 



I especially like this blog. Having served in the 82nd Airborne, being military retired, and having been in God's "army" for over 3 decades I can totally relate to the message you have written here. The 82nd Airborne was labeled as "the devils in baggy pants" by the enemy forces because of their lightening fast hit and run tactics and loose fitting combat uniforms. The 82nd and other US light infantry units employ these tactics even today, when appropriate.

A good and appropriate message brother and an excellent use of analogy.

Brother Hoyle

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I like this blog too. We must be strong, sober and vigilant, never letting our guard down and we must be on the offensive.


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

Oh how i needed to read this blog this morning.thank you very much. be blessed

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