Standing, eduring and making it through the battle

I will be the first to admit that due to my physical battles, I am not the same person I was a few years ago, or even last year. Things that used to come easily to me now are a struggle. There are days when my mind is clicking on all cylinders and there are days it misfires most of the day (yesterday for instance). I have taken this situation before the Lord and His Word to me is one of patience and longsuffering. In other words, I cannot force the issue with the Lord. I must trust His Word and do as He says.

Many, if not most of us here at CB have been fighting intense battles recently. I pray that we can circle the wagons and stand with each other in prayer and faith until these battles subside. If you are one the fortunate ones who is in between battles, your mission is to pray and offer support for those of us fighting for our lives. For the rest of us, our mission is to just hang on and hang in there.

The allies ultimately broke through enemy strongholds and won both World War I and II. But, in the days, months and years before the breakthroughs, there were long periods of either being under siege or crouched in a trench or foxhole hoping to stay alive. Finally, good prevailed over evil, but at what cost? The carnage that came with taking Iwo Jima and Okinawa near the end of World War II was beyond belief. Thousands of men were killed as they sought to uproot Japanese positions that were nearly impenetrable.

The numbers of men who would have lost their lives (including my father and perhaps many of yours too) trying to invade Japan would have been staggering. As horrific as the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan was, it was a far better and humane outcome to that war than the millions of fatalities that would have come from an invasion. Wow, how did I get here?

Great Britain endured nightly bombings that would have caused most countries to quit. Winston Churchill would have none of that and rallied the people to hang on and hang in there. In due time the bombings stopped and when the time was right, D-Day provided the means to sweep over Europe and crush the stranglehold Germany had on it. The point is, we need to endure during times of attack and fight back during lull times.

Most of the imagery of Ephesians 6 entails a soldier putting on his armor so he can STAND (endure) attack. Only the sword of the spirit, the Word of God, is an offensive weapon. All the other things mentioned are defensive in nature. There to protect vital organs and the ability to move forward after being bombarded.

I have no idea how long the current siege will last. All I care about is the ability to be ready to spring into action once there is a lull in the battle. I pray that is what all of us want and are committed to doing.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is a timely word for me at the moment for I needed this reminder to stand.

Thank you.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

The prayer of a righteous person has a powerful effect - we forget this so many times To hang in there grows faith and under girds our trust - we fail to realize this at times and give in. A good timely reminder to stand tall in Christ and to pray in the spirit at all times as Eph. 6 says.


Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

I'm sad to hear that things continue to be so hard, but glad for the update and just thankful you are blogging and remaining a Godly voice of reason here.
You are so right in all you have said about praying, and standing with one another, showing faith and fighting back at the opportune moments.
Not that anyone could possibly disagree - it's just hard for the body to see that bigger picture while we are 'firefighting' as it were. So, I'd say this is a much-needed blog ... for me at least.
Sending blessings and prayers to you and yours. Praying for God to strengthen you and repair your cylinders, and to provide for everything you need so you can keep your eyes on Him.

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