Subduing tension with peace

One of the definitions of “tension” is; a state of wariness, mistrust, controlled hostility, or fear of hostility felt by countries, groups, or people in their dealings with one another. I remember back in the summer of 1981 when my parents brought my aunt along with them to visit me in Philadelphia. From the moment they arrived, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. To this day, I don't know what was causing the problem (other than my aunt being a very cantankerous person).

I remember sitting the three of them down and telling them that if they could not come and be a blessing than to leave. I urged them to go watch a movie together with Alan Alda in it which dealt with conflict within a group. By golly they actually listened to me and came back from the movie happy and with no tension among them. The next day they took a bus to New York City to see the sights and take in a Broadway play. When they returned, they were like three kids returning from a trip to see Santa Claus.

Tension must be relieved or relationships snap. When relationships snap, people get hurt and a truckload of bad things transpire. Usually, tension is produced and made worse due to lack of communication or misunderstandings. When communication shuts down, all sorts of issues arise that more times than not, are not right or proper. This is what leads to mistrust and controlled hostility. It is impossible for people to “get along” and work together if they do not trust one another and spend all their time boiling on the inside.

I hate conflict and cease to avoid it at all costs. The Bible says to “seek peace, and pursue it” . Jesus said that the peacemakers will be blessed. I will gladly yield my position if it promotes peace. What I think is so right means nothing compared to the ability to live together in peace and harmony. I witnessed firsthand the devilish, self-serving and destructive things that can tear apart a ministry 30 years ago. I know what it is like to live in a constant state of tension and the impact such a state has on one's mind and body.

Tension can only be relieved by the relaxing of whatever is causing it. Openness and honesty coupled with humility and the love of God are the only Godly ways to relax tension. Until and unless whatever the source of the tension is brought out in the open and dealt with; things just grow more and more tense and usually end up in a state of conflict and open hostility, with little chance for a positive outcome.

With all my heart I pray that we can see a relaxing of the tension that is making everyone so uptight. We cannot bless others when we are worried about what others are saying about us or thinking about us. Come on troops; let's rally for righteousness and bring peace to our little community once again. God knows there is enough conflict and hostility in the world without having it spill over into our fellowship with one another. Peace be with us all.


Well Excellent truths Kirk!

No doubt about it, once again I thank you for your openness and honesty about the situation surrounding the area. Unfortunately many are running away, or hidden in the shadows or just avoiding altogether. And like you said this never solved nothing. The key here is the mentioning of names, do we really need to make a example of something else that someone else has mentioned? Seeing that the Lord has said that you are too lay out your own foundation. For the Lord Himself shall judge every work as to rather or not it is good or bad.

If you don't agree with the other, do you have to let the world know that? I think Not, you could simply say that you have a different way or view of the situation and then explain the situation without the ridicule of others. We are not here to prove that we are right, but that Christ Jesus is right.

Be blessed forever



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