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When some people speak, I listen politely and move on. When others speak, my ears perk up and I listen very closely to what is being said, ponder it and act accordingly. When a few very important people speak, I drop everything and listen to each and every word spoken, for I know they are coming from God. One of those people who fit in the last category for me is David Wilkerson.

In 1963 Mr. Wilkerson co-authored the outstanding book "The Cross and the Switchblade" dealing with his ministry to troubled street kids in New York City. Of the course the book went on to become a major movie starring Pat Boone. Very few Christians have provided any better witness than David Wilkerson and how he worked with gang members and drug addicts in inner city environments.

Perhaps the greatest thing Mr. Wilkerson did was start and oversee the development of "Teen Challenge". This program helps those with addictions receive spiritual as well as physical release.

David Wilkerson recently dropped a bombshell on the complacent Christian community in the United States. Having felt moved by the Holy Spirit to speak what he had been shown; the prophetic visions he has shared have rocked many Christians to their very roots. Please, before reading any more, follow the link to this article briefly explaining what the Holy Spirit showed Mr. Wilkerson and what it means to us:


Now if these visions and words were coming from someone of questionable background or credentials, they could be passed off as more "fear mongering" by crazed prophecy freaks. But, these words came from one of the most respected voices in Evangelical Christianity. It would do us all well to deeply consider what the Holy Spirit has revealed to this man of God and act accordingly.

As if on queue, the President of the United States today signed an Executive Order overturning the Bush order forbidding stem cell research. In one stroke of the pen, the President sanctioned the murder of unborn children just to harvest their stem cells.

Each day, it seems, the once great and mighty United States of America stumbles farther into the abyss of spiritual filth and idolatry. A survey released today showed that in the past generation the number of people in this country with NO religious affiliation has doubled. "Non-Christians" now represent the third biggest group of "religious" people in this country behind only the Catholics and Baptists.

While denominational Christianity continues to lose members at an astounding rate, more and more people have simply given up on the whole "God" and "Christ" thing and lead worldly lives void of any spiritual influence or guidance. The further this country drifts away from God, the greater and sooner His judgment will be upon it.

I do not share these things to frighten you but rather to inspire you to realize we are very well living in the final days of the United States of America being what we all knew it to be for so long. Compromises on principle are made daily and it seems the headlong rush toward making this a truly "godless" nation is picking up steam by the hour. If this is true, then if I were living in or near a major United States city, I would be giving serious thought to finding a nice place in the country to move to or at least stockpiling some food and water-quickly.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The writings of David Wilkerson had a tremendous influence on me as a teen growing up in the 70's. I also remember reading "The Vision" as a teenager. I remember people asking him about it on 9/11. Was this what he'd seen? I also remember his reply. This was nothing compared to what he'd seen.

A couple of years ago I saw an exhibit from Pompeii. I remember going into a room where there were images honoring the "goddess" Fortuna. I was heart-sick as I thought about how many in America worship the same "goddess"!

This blog is just another reminder that our foundation must be built upon Christ and Christ alone! Nothing else can possibly withstand in the days to come!

K :princess:

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

[quote] When some people speak, I listen politely and move on. When others speak, my ears perk up and I listen very closely to what is being said, ponder it and act accordingly. When a few very important people speak, I drop everything and listen to each and every word spoken[/quote]

Okay, brother. Because it was you speaking, I stopped what I was doing, cut and pasted the link and read it. And that was after declaring my house a News-Free Zone since I spent the latter half of last week and the weekend so agitated and anxious after (1) word that my credit card company was raising my interest rate (as you know and have blogged about, despite the fact that I am a perfect customer, always paying promptly, always paying many times over the minimum amount due, frequently paying more than once a month thanks to online payments) and (2) more layoffs and another round of paycuts at my husband's employer -- thankfully we were spared both (3) watching the evening news of doom and gloom and (4) reading Joel Rosenberg's "Epicenter" and realizing that probably why the United States is not mentioned or referred to in end times prophecies is because WE WON'T BE OF ANY NOTEWORTHY ACCOUNT anymore.

As a point of clarification between your blog and K's comment, according to Wilkinson, he has been saying this for ten years and is now renewing his cry.

I love how he points out that the flesh screams, Do something! But the Spirit says, be still.

Thanks for the word, B2Y. Still, no more news for me.


Patricia A. Lambert @redeemed4ever ·

Thank you for sharing this. I went to David Wilkerson's blogspot and read the Saturday blog in which he told of his vision and warning. I have a nephew, Burt, who was working on Wall Street, and he is a Christian. Last week he lost his job and is moving back to the Hot Springs, Arkansas, area. I now see that as God's provision to get Burt "outa Dodge." In Matthew 24, Jesus said that it would get really, really bad in these days--so bad, in fact--that if it were possible, even the elect wouldn't be saved. Another place in the Bible, we are told to "make our calling and election sure." We are told to cleanse ourselves from double-mindedness. We are told to draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to us. We are told to seek Him while He may be found, to call upon Him while He is near.

Lord, please help us to do that. Please set Your great alarm clock and WAKE US! Thank You for David Wilkerson and B2Y and others who will sound the clarion call.

Amazing, too, that this word comes on the heels of our joyful anticipation of heavenly fellowship--the CB festival. God knows what we need, when we need it--whether it is the joy of fellowship or a warning to prepare for the coming days.


I read the article earlier today and witnessed with what Pastor Wilkerson was saying. No Christian should be thinking these are strange things we hear coming for a man of Pastor Wilkerson's reputation. From the beginning it was prophesied these things were coming. The only thing which has changed is the day is nearer. He says we are not in a recession or a depression but under the wrath of God. It should be no surprise for the heart of America has long departed from the things of God.

I read something else over the weekend telling of the proposed new world order being a union of ten divisions of countries around the world. The first thing which entered my spirit was, "could this be the ten horns of prophecy? Could we have been wrong all these years thinking the EU was fulfilling this prophecy?"

It is a good possibility since these ten divisions have no king as of yet but they will rule for a little while under the new world leader.

Hummmm ... something to chew on.

In Jesus,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Mona Smith (@Gracie),

Thanks for clarifying that, Gracie. I was in no way trying to imply that David Wilkerson is crying wolf and trust no one will take it as such! God always warns people. Remember the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities? Remember even, the flood? God gives us ample warnings. He gives us time to get on the right track or like I tell my students, an opportunity to "fix it".

The alarm has been sounded again and again. Are we going to listen or ignore it?

May we be found faithful in being about the Father's business and trusting Him no matter what!

K :princess:

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