The art of communicating, especially in a blog

It takes concentration, attention to detail and mental alacrity to consistently produce a blog worth spending the time writing and reading. Unlike many things in life, blogging is not something that can be rushed into or done without ample prayer and making sure what is written is correct and a blessing. In other words, writing a blog is extremely difficult to do when one is weary or distracted.

I usually know when I have written a good blog vs. words on a page. There have been many times when I have compromised quality just to get a blog out. Those blogs are usually not well received and don't really bless anyone, including me. That is why, being honest with our situation, I have decided to replace quantity with quality the next 6 weeks.

There were 272 words in President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address (depending on the version referenced). I have written over 200 words already in this blog. Have those words moved a nation or lived in infamy for 150 years? I don't think so. Some of the greatest things ever said took very few words to say. The number of words written or spoken is not the measure for greatness. WHAT is said is far more important than how many words it took to say it.

When I first started writing blogs many years ago, I thought I had to write long rambling 2000 word dissertations to get my point across. These “mini books” seemed like literary classics to me at the time but when I dare read one today I just cringe. Recently I took one of those early blogs and re-wrote it and communicated the same point in less than 500 words.

Being able to communicate without wasted words is an art that few people ever learn. How many times have we wished we could say “get to the point” when someone rambles on forever on a topic that could be covered in a few concise sentences? A good book is one that tells the story in as few words as possible (unless one was a Russian novelist).

When reading Proverbs, it is plainly apparent that wisdom dictates fewer rather than more words. Just like in eating, less is usually better. One of the most annoying traits a person can have is to talk all the time just to hear themselves talk. I am known as a man of few words because I want my words to be “special” . If someone talks all the time it is hard to separate what is important from what is just there.

Please excuse my inability to produce a blog every day over the next 6 weeks. Due to the nature of our online retail business, the upcoming 6 weeks will be hectic with many late nights. Please know that I will write when I know what I am writing is worth reading. Blest and I would greatly appreciate your prayers the next 6 weeks.

Thank you and Blessings 2 You!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am NOT known as a woman of few words but I will try to keep this brief. :wink:

I agree. It is better to say/write a few well-chosen words than to say/write a lot of poorly-chosen words. You and Blest will be in my prayers for this is a very busy time of the year for the two of you.


K :princess:


This is amazing. Last night I logged on and reread my most recent blog just prior to retiring for evening. Strangely, I could have written this blog myself for these are exactly the thoughts which ran through my head. Hummmmm . . . you must have read it and here I stand convicted. LOL . . . love you bro :clap: Blessings ~Hoyle

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

A good blog is worth the wait. Thank you. Phil

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