The beautiful sounds of God's silence

I have been admiring this beautiful ice formation for days. Each day it grows a little bit more as the snow on the roof melts and drips down to the bottom. I guess I better enjoy it for our temperatures will really be climbing over the next week. In fact, we are to be in 60's by next Wednesday!!

Yesterday, as I waiting for the water to fill the horse tank, I was struck by the utter silence around me. Our snow had been on the ground for a week, yet in many places it looked pristine. Snow has a way of insulating sound I guess, for as I stood there looking and listening, there was no sound except the water running. I turned off the water and soaked in a few minutes of utter silence while basking in the sunshine.

Whether ice slowly growing as snow melts or the silence found only in the country after a heavy snow, there is something very special and beautiful about God's sounds of silence. Unlike the dark song popular many years ago, God's sounds of silence are refreshing, uplifting, healing and generate peace and a feeling of well being.

So many times I see (and hear) people who believe the only way they can be happy is to be talking, listening to loud music or engaged in obnoxiously loud games etc. I pity those who are repulsed by the idea of soaking in God's sounds of silence for they are missing out on one of the purest forms of peace and joy available to us in this life.

God's sounds of silence are not limited to the literal silence I enjoyed yesterday but are also found on a summer evening when the sounds of millions of insects form the greatest orchestra of all times. Many times I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting by myself and envisioning being the conductor of this orchestra hidden in the trees and grass around me.

The greatest moments of our lives rarely come with great fanfare. Many times they come in solitude when we can block out the frustrations, anxieties and frenzy of life in 2014. A quiet walk, sitting on a bench and taking in the panorama of nature surrounding you, plopping down next to a stream and allowing the sounds of the water to act as a soothing balm; these are examples of God's sounds of silence.

It is so easy to get caught up in the affairs of this life and even the work of the ministry. We often talk ourselves into believing we don't have time for an impromptu rendezvous with God. Oh that we would remember that nothing in this life is sweeter and more fulfilling than to hear and be ministered to by God's beautiful and tender sounds of silence.