The Chrisitan Religion vs.True Christianity

Let me ask a very pointed question. If a person stumbled up to you haggard with sores all over his body and obviously dehydrated and starving to death; what would you do?

  1. Pull out a Bible and start yelling at him to repent for all the sin in his life which brought upon him all these horrible curses.

  2. Ignore him and let someone else take care of him for you don't have time to get involved or else you will be late to church.

  3. Take him to an Emergency Room to receive evaluation and treatment for medical conditions.

  4. Take him to a shelter for the indigent.

  5. Take him home, feed him, bathe him, share with him the story of Jesus and pray with him.

Why do we make everything so hard? The obvious answer to this question is #5. Yet, the number of Christians who would actually ever do such a thing would maybe be 1 in a thousand. The truth in the matter is that almost every Christian would do exactly what any unbeliever with a little compassion would do, and that is #2, #3 or #4. Of course a few zealots would do #1, but I don't want to go there lest I explode.

What do we offer, as Christians, if we do nothing differently than those in the world for those who are hurting? The typical Christian response to a disaster such as Hurricane Ike is to drop some old clothes off at Goodwill and write a check to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army and move on with life. With conscience appeased and back sufficiently patted for being such a "good person", the average Christian will go his merry way and never think or pray again about the situation.

We are supposed to manifest the love and compassion of Christ as Christians. When confronted with need, we are to reach out and help with the love of Christ. Where and how Christianity turned into merely a meeting place for theological discussion is beyond me. Where and how Christianity turned into a building frequented once per week for worship services is beyond me. Where and how Christianity turned into a heartless and dead religion is beyond me.

There, I said it for all to read. For the most part, the Christian Religion is totally heartless and completely dead. There is no life and no love manifested. There are only motions to be gone through and facades to be put up and hypocritical lies to be told. The Christian Religion is merely a convenient front to hide behind, masking the spiritual indifference of the actor using it to "look good".

The hearts of many of God's people have turned cold as ice and hard as rocks. The willingness to give is strictly dependent on how much is left after indulging one's self and family. Charitable giving is relegated to nothing more than the scraps left over after the feast. Truly the pompous attitude manifested by those who practice the Christian Religion is sickening.

Notice all these things I am saying are directed at those who practice the "Christian Religion". There is no comparison between that which parades around claiming to be Christian and that which is Christianity INDEED. True Christianity loves not in word, but in DEED. True Christianity doesn't just talk about helping people-it gets out there and does it.

I hate to keep beating a dead fish here, but unless Christians step up and start willingly putting others ahead of themselves all that will be left is the Christian religion. Anybody can say anything that sounds good and in the process fool many people. But they can never fool themselves and they can never fool God. We willingly give as Christians because of the appreciation and love in our hearts for all our Savior did for us.

I see the chasm is becoming as wide as the Grand Canyon. I know I have written so often on this subject the vast majority of people simply tune me out. This, unfortunately, is the basic attitude of many Christians toward charitable giving. In their view of religious Christianity, there is no need for such foolishness. This is truly a sad, sad thing.

For now, I will cease bombarding you with these kinds of posts urging you to break free from the shackles of religious Christianity. For now, I will pretty much back away and let those who simply want to talk about living love go right ahead. All I know is that somebody has to get out there and actually manifest the love of Christ, or our message is meaningless.

Religion talks about God, Christ and spiritual things but never lives them or does them. Godliness knows God, Christ and spiritual things and lives them. God needs Christians who are Godly not religious. I pray He finds some who are willing to take up His cause and forsaking all, follow Him. There is a world of hurting, angry and confused people out there who, as Steve Green once sang about, "need the Lord".

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

amen and ty my brother

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

the Bible tells us in 2 timothy that many hearts will grow cold... it's sad, but not surprising.

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