The conclusion of our discussion concerning covetousness

We all are allowed to make choices in life, for that is the freedom of will God gave to every human being. God is not a dictator. He lays out what He wants and desires and leaves it up to us to choose to do it. For those who love God, knowing and doing God's will becomes the passion of their lives and in turn, the choices they make in this life are in alignment with God's will. For those who allow their love for God to run cold and their passion to please Him to run dry, the choices they make in this life are for themselves only and are not in alignment with God's will.

Money, material possessions, “things” and “stuff” are not evil in and of themselves. They are inanimate objects that are neither good nor bad. They are not the problem. The problem lies in our attitude toward accumulating them, hoarding them and becoming devoted to getting more and more of them. When a person makes the conscious decision to become materialistic in their thinking to the end they devote all of their energy, resources and passion to getting more, bigger and better things; they have crossed the line and become a slave to the god of materialism.

We must be very circumspect when it comes to our inner feelings and attitudes about money, things etc. We are surrounded by advertisements promoting this product or that “thing” that will change our lives, make our lives better, give us more time to enjoy life and a thousand other empty promises. We must steel our minds and refuse to be sucked into the abyss which is materialistic thinking. We are supposed to be spiritual people who think spiritually, not people of the flesh that thrive on materialism.

In case you haven't noticed; stuff costs money to buy. The more stuff you want, the more money it takes to get it. The more money that is needed necessitates either borrowing money or working more to earn it. This is the trap we saw in 1 Timothy 6. The best way out of this trap is to never get caught in it. Be content with such things as you have and categorically reject the notion having more and better somehow will make your life more fulfilling and better.

Materialistic thinking breeds the love of money which is indeed a breeding ground for all kinds of evil. The worst evil is to fall into the throes of coveting money (and the things it can buy) MORE THAN the things of God. Those that fall into this trap have erred which means to be seduced and led away from something. What is that “something” according to 1 Timothy 6:10? The ultimate aim of the god of materialism is the seduction of a strong believer away from the faith. Absolutely nothing has changed since the days of Adam and Eve in the Garden.

Just as Judas was seduced (through his love of silver) into betraying Jesus, so countless Christians are seduced through their love of money into betraying the faith. Just as Judas realized the horrible thing he did and killed himself because of the sorrow in his heart for what he had done, so Christians wake up one day and realize what their passion and love for money has done to them spiritually and are pierced through with many sorrows, pain and torment.

Please, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, never allow yourselves to end up as Judas did because of your unbridled lust for bigger, better, more and more things. Are those things really worth the pain, sorrow and torment that come when you realize that you have betrayed the faith that saved you?

I pray that the choices we make in this life please God and are in alignment with His will. I pray that we never allow greed, lust and materialistic thinking to lead us away from the faith into the open arms of the enemy who will gladly welcome you, only to personally hand you a sword later so you can thrust yourself through with it.

My heart is in deep pain and agony because I know the message I have attempted to share the past few weeks has been largely ignored or rejected by the vast majority of readers. That people reject me, the messenger, does not bother me, but what brings me deep pain is that the message is quickly dismissed by most as something they are just not interested in hearing about, let alone acting upon.

Thank you for allowing me to share what I know about covetousness and ultimately the love of money. Thank you for allowing me to spend so much time on a subject that is not popular and therefore not welcomed by many. Thank you for being a believer whose heart desires to please God and not yourself. Thank you for being one whose choices are in alignment with God's will and whose resolve is steeled against ever being drawn away from our most precious faith.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Thank you for writing the blogs you did, on this subject. Here is one who read, and appreciate what you wrote. Thanks. God bless.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I echo what Billy says.

[quote]We all are allowed to make choices in life, for that is the freedom of will God gave to every human being. God is not a dictator. He lays out what He wants and desires and leaves it up to us to choose to do it. [/quote]

One of the things that troubles me a lot is the lack of personal responsibility, not just in the world but in the church as well. Some people will even go so far and expect God to force them to behave properly. If they do not, it is not their fault... it is God's. Apparently He decreed that they weren't chosen to do so and that is why they are not following Him.

I believe, like you said, that God is not a dictator. I believe that we have freedom of will. What will we do with it?


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