The continuing saga of man trying to play God

Here are seven points to ponder as we endure another week of futile attempts to solve all the world's problems by vain and arrogant people intent on trying to play God.

  1. If the Christian's role in life is only to build and establish the Kingdom of God on earth, why does Jesus Christ need to come back? If the goal of Christianity is to make heaven on earth, what appeal does the real heaven have?

  2. What is one to make of the overwhelming silence coming from most Christian leaders regarding the current economic situation? It would seem logical that those charged with the oversight of the church would be very vocal in treating THE issue of our lifetimes.

  3. Is the rush to establish an ecumenical church in reality helping the false prophet set up the one world religion mentioned in the Bible? The gospel of inclusion is the fastest growing "religion" on earth outside of Islam.

  4. Does man really have the intellect and ability to create life, modify life and find life on some distant planet? Is man really the center of the universe he has formed and due to this, the official god of such universe?

  5. Is there really anything in this world worth the effort to "save" except the individual lost people crying out? Is it really the Christian's job to save the environment, save the rain forests, save the whales and save the economy? I thought our job was to help God save PEOPLE.

  6. Is the role of the church really supposed to be as moral watchdog over a country? Is the purpose of the church really supposed to be to inject itself into the social and political arguments which rage among classes and countries?

  7. Is there really any government of man big and strong enough to break into pieces the things the Word of God says will be? Man seems determined to create his own destiny, even if it flows totally against what God says is and is to come.

There is, at least as far as I see it, a huge need for man to be humbled and regain his place as the creation vs. believing he is the master of his own universe. The extent of man's pride and arrogance truly is astonishing. Man really does believe he is able to do everything from build and establish the Kingdom of God on earth to solving every problem on, under and above the earth.

Isn't it interesting how things such as volcanoes, earthquakes, ice storms and hurricanes render all the attempts of man to be in control of everything fruitless? Man cannot stop a volcano from erupting, the earth from splitting, inches of ice from forming or winds and waves from destroying everything in their paths. As arrogant as man is, and his arrogance far surpasses everything except his stupidity, he is still unable to control nature or dictate what is to be when he wants it to be.

Man has failed (and failed miserably) in his vain attempts to play god. Most of the current nonsense flowing from the mouths of influential leaders all around the globe is either entirely false in its assumptions and bases , or is so contrary to both God's Word and nature it is doomed to fail. Error cannot produce anything but what it is-error.

What is coming in the days and weeks ahead politically, financially and socially will be nothing but a flood of self serving lies, deceit and propaganda. The wise and faithful Christian should as much as possible remove him/herself from this world and busy him/herself with living a quiet and peaceful life in all Godliness and honesty. Foolish is the Christian who thinks THEY can "change this world". Wise is the Christian who is ready and willing to speak the truth in love, and let the truth do the changing.

We are not here to attempt to do the impossible. We are not here to rally the world's billions against pollution of the water and air, dumping toxic emissions into the atmosphere or protest the elimination of salamanders and insects due to building parking lots. The Christian's role is not one of being either a social or environmental activist intent on changing or saving this current world.

God's Word states that the day is coming when Almighty God will destroy this present world and create a new one. Why would God want His people to devote all their energy to saving this current world if He is going to eliminate it down the road and make a new one? No one who believes God is going to do this would waste their life trying to save this planet. We are to be good stewards but not fanatics.

As long as man rules this earth there will be injustice, cruelty, wars, genocide, horrible acts of inhumanity to man and power plays intent on elevating particular people into positions of power. Only when King Jesus comes to reign for a thousand years will this world know peace and justice. Man's attempts to do God's job have and will end in dismal and complete failure.

The role of Christians and the collective role of the church is first and foremost to worship and love God and then to help and love each other. The other great purpose in our being here is to provide a witness to the power, love and judgment of God so as to help those locked in unbelief see salvation. Little else should be of any great significance to us as Christians. All else should be looked upon as ornaments on the tree and not the tree itself.

The collective thrust of all that is happening in Washington and other world capitals reflect futile attempts by desperate people to control their own destiny through their own means. Lost in all discussion is God and the power of God. As it was since the Garden, man thinks he can do everything better without Divine interference and intrusion. Man is wrong.

The further man falls away from God, the more this world will spin out of control towards its appointed date with infamy. The more man tries to "fix" what God set up, the more broken everything becomes. The more man refuses to acknowledge God the greater his rejection of the truth grows. In all these cases the end result is the ever closer point when man will fall into the abyss of this own making from which there is no escape.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

While many do not want to face this reality, God's Word is very clear on what direction the world at large is headed. I was just thinking of Noah and what he did when confronted with what God said was going to befall mankind. He acted in obedience to God and did what was required of him! God expects us to do the same.

Thanks for the challenge to examine our hearts to make sure we are doing the Father's business rather than our own. Yes, we are called to impact our world but it is not for man's agendas rather we are to impact and make a difference in our world by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and being living witnesses of God's redeeming power and grace.

K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

So, I need an eye to see the goal, an ear to hear the directions, a spiritual discernment to make the right choices, and a heart set on knowing my God.

I need to stop focussing on the things that I can no longer do and focus on the race/the prize before me.


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