The counterfeit of hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is ugly, condescending, demeaning, damaging, conniving, fraudulent, dishonest, and superficial and should be illegal. Hypocrisy lures people in, only to steal them blind, leave them with nothing but pain and/or anger while driving them away from the genuine. Hypocrisy sets a trap from which there is little chance of escape. Hypocrisy succeeds in making its prey feel horrible and helpless so it can ride in on the white horse and save it. Hypocrisy is in every sense of the word, the perfect counterfeit as it looks genuine and real but underneath the glowing exterior lies evil intent and wickedness.

Hypocrisy rushes to show support but only to promote itself. It flashes its fake smile when in reality it hates, despises and curses. It takes great measures to look good but under the fa├žade is nothing but filth. It publicly promotes unity while secretly causing division. It says all the right things at the right times but never means a word of it. In all matters, great and small, the only thing that is important is keeping up the appearance of what is good and right when in reality there is no good or right in it.

Religion without relationship is hypocritical. The Pharisees practiced the perfect religion yet Jesus confronted them as hypocrites and scorpions. Christianity is built on the relationship between The Father and His children and between Jesus Christ and those who have made Him Lord in their lives. Christianity is not built upon good works but rather allows good works to be the manifestation of love for God and each other. Christianity is not a legalistic system of rules but rather believers rejoicing in the freedom they have in Christ Jesus to live, love and serve.

Religion without relationship breeds legalism which in turn breeds hypocrisy and oppression. Since true Christianity is built upon relationship, it breeds all that is good, pure, righteous and honest. Religion built upon manipulation and condemnation ruins people's lives and forces them to live as slaves to sin. Christianity built upon love and honesty helps people rise up from the ashes of broken lives, which are many times the result of religious oppression.

“Do as I say and not as I do” lies at the heart of hypocrisy and defines its double standard. Hypocrisy is so disgusting that it dares state that all which is wrong for everyone else is right for itself. Hypocrisy is selfish, self-serving and thinks of no one other than itself. Hypocrisy will gladly use anyone at anytime to advance itself through any means possible. Hypocrisy is the devil's perfect counterfeit to Christianity. Hypocrisy can be found both and inside and outside the Christian faith, but either way; it devalues and destroys the simple faith of pure Christianity.

The serpent in the Garden of Eden looked so good that Eve mistook him for an angel of light. Starting then and continuing unto the present hour, the enemy works to make the counterfeit so good and real that people cannot tell it apart from the truth until it destroys them. The enemy and his agents constantly spin his rhetoric so as to make it sound appealing and godly. To not fall prey to the allure of the counterfeit, we must school ourselves in that which is true so as to tell it apart from that which is counterfeit and fake.

We live in a world overrun with deception and lies wrapped up to look like the truth. It takes great spiritual perception and discernment to sidestep the counterfeits confronting us daily. To remain sharp and spiritually alert we must rise up and thank God for protection through His guidance, insight, awareness and truth. As we rise up, we can make our way through the minefields of deceit and make it safely home to the Father each and every day. Never forget that the value of the counterfeit lies in how close to the original it appears!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

"To remain sharp and spiritually alert we must rise up and thank God for protection through His guidance, insight, awareness and truth."

As you have stated, this is the only way to avoid hypocrisy.


K :princess:

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Great blog, Kirk!

You've defined the ugliness of "hypocrisy"... to the letter... !

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I agree with both of the above comments and of course the blog itself is brilliant - well written Kirk.



Well written Kirk !

Perhaps when more of the real thing is beginning to show you want be able to deny the truth !

Be forever blessed

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