The curse of spiritual complacency

One of the greatest lessons everyone needs to learn is to NEVER take things for granted. NEVER take your health, marriage, family, job or ministry for granted. NEVER become so complacent that very subtly one's guard is let down and a false sense of security usurps the instructions from God's Word to be vigilant, awake and sober.

The things of this world have a way of lulling us into a hypnotic state. Over time, we lose “the edge” that allows us to be more than conquerors. Over time, we become comfortable in our faith and lose the passion necessary to reach out to others. Over time, we end up in the same state as afflicts many after eating a huge Thanksgiving meal.

More than once in my lifetime I painfully must admit that I have been guilty of driving while being so sleepy it took a legion of angels to keep me from having an accident. Many times I have continued to drive when everything within me screams STOP and REST. Why is it that when we need to slow down and rest we keep going and when we need to get moving we want to linger and sleep?

The effect of the world around us is similar to that of alcohol or drugs. The world numbs our minds, slows down our spiritual reflexes and persuades us that things are fine even when they are not. The Bible tells us over and over again to be SOBER. To be sober is to be awake and alert, not sluggish or living in a drunken stupor. It takes work to stay spiritually sober.

Most of us need to understand that we were and are worldly alcoholics. We must understand that if we “fall off the wagon” and partake of the world's spoils and lies, even for a moment, we will end up in the same obnoxious state God once rescued us from. It takes hard work to resist the temptations of this world.

To stay spiritually sharp and to walk circumspectly we must understand what is at stake and how terribly easy it is to be lured away from the truth into a state of deception and disgrace. That which has destroyed more believers than anything else is complacency. Comfortable Christianity has led to a counterfeit faith that in turn leads believers down the road to worldly addictions and spiritual sleep.

Rise up oh men and women of God and take up the armor of light and FIGHT! Do not allow this world to lull you into a state of slumber or drunkenness. If we want to stand for God in this life and be children in whom He is well pleased, we must cast off the works of darkness and fight for our relationship with God, fight for our marriage, fight for our family and fight for our ministry. When the world wins, we lose everything we took for granted.

Every blessing from God we have in this life can be snatched from us in an instant if we let down our guard and become complacent. Please, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord; fight for yourself, your spouse, your family and whatever God has called you to. Do not fall for the lies of the enemy who seeks to make you question God and dismiss His will for your life.

At times we must cast off the cozy blankets that have inspired us to sleep all day and awake to righteousness. We must shake ourselves or dump cold water on our minds to snap out of the dazed state we wandered into. God's Word is sharp and able to keep us sharp if we put it on and meditate upon it daily. May we all rise up and once again stand for the God who saved and called us.

Thank you and Blessings 2 You!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thank you- a great wake up blog that must shake our tree of complacency.


Deanna Broome @deannabroome ·

Love this blog tonight! I feel a movement among believers to 'wake up!' God is moving and drawing us out. Thank you for such an inspirational wake up call.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog, I remembered a couple of moments which changed my life forever and yes, in both instances one moment life was "normal" and the next moment, my world was turned upside down. We must never think that cannot happen to us and we must NEVER take things for granted... most of all our relationship with God.


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