The end is near (or is it?)

According to some Christians, next Saturday (May 21st) will be the end of the world. Evidently, according to them, there will be a monster earthquake that will destroy the world and at the same time all Christians will be taken away to heaven. Those who believe this are putting their money where their mouths are and have wiped out their life's savings to purchase advertising so as to warn people of what is going to happen.

Having studied the Bible most of my life I can say with full assurance in my heart of hearts that I do not believe anything will take place next Saturday that would constitute the end of the world. There could be some huge natural or political disaster, but the world is not going to end next Saturday.

Last week someone in Italy predicted that there would be the biggest earthquake to ever strike the country this past Saturday. Many people were thrown into a state of panic and spent all their money trying to leave the country. To my knowledge, the only earthquake Saturday was in Spain, not Italy, and it was a 5.1 quake.

For those of us who truly believe that Jesus shall return and gather us unto Himself before the world implodes, stories such as the one regarding the supposed end of the world next Saturday are troubling yet at the same time intriguing. We know it cannot true, but oh how we wish it were.

This past Saturday I received a phone call from a man with a very thick foreign accent asking me if I was home. I asked him why he wanted to know. According to this guy, he needed to know if I was home so he could deliver the new car I had won along with the check for 5 million dollars. I informed him that I had won nothing and if he called again I would contact Homeland Security.

Despite knowing the call was fake and the caller being just someone trying to steal my identity or personal information, there was that tiny little part of me which dared think "what if it WERE true?" Of course it is nice to think of having a few million dollars to give to those in need, but having been burned by a similar thing 3 years ago I quickly dismissed the whole thing and moved on with life.

We all want "The End" to happen and to be taken by our Lord to our eternal abode. So, when someone says the end will come on such and such a date, even when we know it is impossible, we still tend to think "what if..."

I honestly feel horrible for these people because come next Sunday they will awaken to find out it was all a lie, they are broke and have nothing to look forward to. That, my friends, defines "hope deferred maketh the heart sick."

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Jesus said, "No man knoweth the day or the hour". People who claim that they do know, contradict the very words of Jesus Christ. I can not, personally, see how any of these think they are doing God service, claiming to know something, Jesus said nobody knows. It only serves to cast doubt upon the gospel, and prophecy, and scripture.

He did say, "Watch", "Be ready", because He said He will come at an hour we think not, if we do not heed what He said.

Good subject. I knew it would probably come up, and many will be speaking of the same. It may even make the media news. Probably not in a real favorable way.

God Bless Brother.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I was also thinking about how Jesus talked about people saying that He was here and there... to come and see! He told us to not believe it! He told us how He would come but also told us what you and Billy have stated. He did not tell us to sell all that we have and gather together in one place in anticipation of His coming. Instead, He told us to go into all the World and preach the GOSPEL, the Good News, that He is alive and that we can be saved! We are not doing that when we are selling all that we have and gathering together to await His coming.

I'm thinking right now about those who have made such claims before... and then either said that they were mistaken... it would be on this date instead or they have even claimed that Christ did come back and this... this is the millennial reign :eek:!
I'm remembering those during my lifetime who believed Jesus would come back in 1984, 1988, 2000, etc...
I think a better question to ask ourselves is not "When is He coming?" but... "Am I going about doing the Father's business?"


K :princess:


I am in agreement with y'all! According to the Mayan calender-next year! Argh! For those reading this blog from Brother Kirk in cyberspace land somewhere, wherever-we implore any and all to, as Sister K states-to go about His business! Stop staring up at the skies!!! Come to Jesus! Thank you for sharing this my dera Brother and God Bless y'all richly! Dave


In 2nd Peter ...we are told "scoffer's will arise" mocking the message of Jesus Return (The Real Message) and Now after this event/date coming and going, it will cause "greater scoffing" of the True Message of His Return, but in the Words of Martina Mcbride (amended) "Preach it anyway" that Jesus IS Coming!!

thanks for this blog!!

Stoney Wilson @stoney ·

There are always those that predict the end of the world and the 2nd coming but as the bible tells us nobody is to know the day nor the time of the Lord's arrival. When He does arrive those that are ready will be joyful, and those who are not will feel much sorrow.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Well -if it's gonna end -it's gonna end -and you can't run away from it!
Only God knows when "The End" will be. In the mean time we should be carrying out His plans for Life!



Amen mom I agree with you here.
The thing is though, if someone claims to have the ear of God and then it turns out that actually it wasn't God they were listening to, then they lose all credibility in my eyes. We ought to be very careful what we proclaim and even more careful who we attribute that knowledge came from. We can at best look like a fool, and at worst we can look like a false prophet.

As for saturday, I have plans and if God chooses to change those plans then Praise God Im going home. IF he chooses to allow me to stick to my plans, then Im gutting the spare room to prepare for my auzzie friend coming to stay.

Sapphire Chase @truebeliever ·

I agree with every christian on here. They claim theres a secret code to his word that tells them. There is no secret code to Gods word. It is gonna be such a shame tomarrow. No man knows the day nor hour not even the angels in heaven know. These are Gods words. This is like calling God a liar and he is not a man that can lie. God is the truth. People need to read his word for themselves instead of listening to people on this earth. Anybody can tell you this and that is in Gods word and if you don't know it for yourself you will be believe them that is why it is so important to study his word. God will come when he is ready not when we want him to arrive. Our job as Christians is to simply be ready not try to figure the day it out.


People sure can be mislead when they want to be. It is the selfish people, the un-godly people coming up with these wild claims.

For Christians, if the world ends, that would be great, we will be in heaven with our Lord. But what about the lost souls. True Christians won't be looking at the benifits for ourselves. We will be hurting for the lost, the ones going to hell. God's love that lives in us cares for the lost like God cares for the lost. God is patient with His timing and His wrath. God will most likely wait until all His elect (past, present, and future) are safe with Him - sealed by His Holy Spirit. Gods has patience for the lost, we should also be will to wait for the lost.



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Beth M @blest ·

No man knoweth the hour, only the Father. But I wish it was now

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