The hard lesson of true contentment

I was fussing with someone yesterday about our current financial plight and implying that there was "no way out". It felt good to be honest but in that honesty is danger that the silly notions mentioned might be believed. Thankfully the person manifested enough spirituality and love of God to remind me of the promises of God to take care of us.

I was reminded again of how easy it is to allow the frustrations of a situation to spill over into and diminish one s faith. I was reminded of how our dog simply trusts that she will be fed twice a day for she has been for nearly 13 years. She may get hungry and agitated if her meal is a little late, but she knows it will be there for she knows that we love her and that love demands we take care of her.

When looking through the Bible, it is obvious that God does indeed take care of His own. His own may not like the way God provides for them, but He never allows them to starve or be forsaken and forgotten. The children of Israel may not have like manna but whatever it was; it provided everything they needed nutritionally to survive in the desert.

Thankfully I am not God and thus it is not my concern HOW He is going to take care of us right now. All I must do is trust Him that He will provide and be thankful for however He chooses to do it. Too many times I think we want God to provide for us a certain way and if He doesn't, we blame Him for being unkind or miserly. Such thinking is pretty foolish wouldn't you agree?

Like countless others, the ongoing financial problems plaguing the world has forced us into changing our lifestyles and what it takes to be happy and content. Long gone are visits to restaurants to be fed and getting things on a whim. The past few years have most definitely taught us to be much better stewards and how to learn to do without things that used to be considered necessities.

I think at times, all of us are guilty of looking at people like Solomon and how he lived and thinking that is the way God wants all of us to live all of the time. We conveniently forget how Abraham lived in tents most of his life, how Moses lived in the wilderness for 40 years, how Elijah lived in a small room for 7 years, how John the Baptist lived in the wild and the Apostle Paul spent much of his life on the road and staying with others.

We do not need a nice house to be blessed. We do not need a nightly feast to be full. We do not need a hot car or truck to be cool. We do not need every new technological toy to survive. If there is anything all of us need to learn, it is what Paul stated he learned which is to be content in whatever state we are in. Whether abased or abounding, we should rejoice not in what we have but in the eternal love, grace and mercy of our God.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for this well timed reminder especially when you got people calling you all day and your mail box is always full of "junk" now i can get back to praying that God will send me a paper shredder lol be blessed

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is something I've been having to remember, especially since January when I was put on a medical leave. Currently we have had an income loss of more than $700 a month... on paper. Like many people, we are hard-pressed to have such a loss but in some miraculous way, God has not only stretched our resources... He has allowed us to put the equivalency of my one month's salary into our "storehouse". This is important because as of July 1, there is no guarantee that I will have any income coming in!

What I do know is this... I have to do three things:

  1. I must be a good steward of what I do have.

  2. I not neglect to give to God and others

  3. I must trust that God will provide just as He said He would.

These are not listed in order of importance! I listed them as such however because too often, we jump to number three but we neglect doing one and two! I don't think we can do that. I think all three of these things go hand in hand.


K :princess:


Thank you for sharing this humbling, encouraging message Brother Kirk! God Bless you and Blest richly! Dave

Ana Frankel @pearl7 ·

You are so right. It's the trusting part that can be hard at times. Be encouraged, "...for we walk by faith, not by sight." (2 Corinthians 5:7) You are not alone!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

amen amen amen amen and amen! What more can I say!


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