The heart of the shepherds

Sometimes the road that stretches before us is a glorious highway and other times it is but a rocky path. Regardless of the state of life's road, we must always remember that we never walk this path alone. We are surrounded by the glory of God and held tightly in the bosom of His protection and care. Even when the night is heavy upon us and we feel all alone with no one who cares about us; God cares and if need be, He will carry us through the snares and traps littering the road.

On that cold and dark night 2,000 years ago, Joseph and Mary stumbled to the inn looking for a room. None was available so they had to spend the night in the stable. Mary went into labor and soon a child was born in the presence of cattle and sheep. Instead of fretting about being all alone, Joseph and Mary rejoiced in the promise given to them by God that unto them a child would be given and His name would be Emmanuel; God is with us.

A star appeared to some shepherds keeping their flocks nearby and an angel gave them the good news that Christ was born that night and they should go and see for themselves. Forsaking their flocks they ran down from the hills and found Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Oh how those shepherd's hearts must have burned with joy and thanksgiving to be selected by Almighty God to witness firsthand the greatest event in history.

Where were the throngs of people waiting to get a glimpse of Israel's Messiah? Where were the reporters for the Jerusalem Post to document the birth of the Savior? There were no throngs and there were no reporters; there were only some humble shepherds to verify the birth of Jesus the Christ.

It never ceases to amaze me how when Jesus entered this world, the only people who cared were his mother and father and some shepherds. When Jesus departed this world, the only people who cared were his mother and a few other women who lamented His passing at the foot of the cross. Neither the birth nor the death of Jesus was met with fanfare but rather almost a footnote in the pages of history.

Of all the people mentioned in the Bible, perhaps the most fortunate and blessed of them all were the shepherds who were allowed in to see the baby Jesus on the night of His birth. I pray that we all strive to maintain the heart of the shepherds during the hectic time that defines this week. The shepherds were there because their hearts were humble. Who knows what glorious things await us as we strive to manifest the “heart of the shepherds” .


Thanks Kirk for sharing of the shepherds!

Definitely the time to share with the world the true light of the season.
Be blessed forever

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Well, it's my pre-Christmas day off so I was upstairs getting some things done, and praying for you.
What a lovely surprise and a blessing it was to come down and read a blog from you!

You are certainly right about the shepherd's heart. Thank you for writing this.

God bless,


Beth M @blest ·

Men, Lovely blogm just perfect.

I am so thankful you were able to write it!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

As all have said it is so wonderful to read a blog from your long awaited pen. It has lways amazed me considering the amount of publicity the birth received that it has even been recorded in such detail.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

After reading your blog, I thought about how the night had been so dark prior to his coming, not only literally but physically. It was not only dark for Mary and Joseph, it was dark for all of Judea which was a land occupied by an enemy, Rome.

Then He came, Kirk. God ripped apart the darkness and Jesus Christ was born. The message of His coming first came to those shepherds, the lowest of the low. I don't think we understand that being a shepherd was either a job for the young boys or the "unskilled" who could do no better. It was not an honorable position and yet those were the very people who received the glorious news that Christ the Savior was born.

Oh that we would humble ourselves so that we might not miss what God has done and continues to do.


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