the Joy of the Simple Life

I don't like watching football. I don't like watching NASCAR. I don't like watching wrestling or boxing or any kind of fighting. I never would watch Professional basketball. I have no clue what hockey is all about, or even soccer. I have no interest in tennis and only a faint spark left for golf. I kind of enjoy baseball, but it is largely a waste of time.

I did not watch any of the Olympics to speak of for the first time in many decades. I hate science fiction movies and books. I think most "reality" shows are stupid, except for "America's Greatest Dog". I have been to one movie in the last twenty years, and that was only because we got two free tickets from our chiropractor. I haven't rented a movie for almost 8 years and never have I done a pay for view.

I have never played a computer game other than spider solitaire. I have no desire to play any of the games which others spend half of their life playing. I hate bars, taverns, sports clubs and even most restaurants. Given a choice, I would choose the Waffle House over most big expensive restaurants any day.

I used to fish but only hunted once and that was enough. I went 40 years in between riding horses, and although we own two of them, they cannot be ridden. My idea of "hell" would be to attend a party complete with alcoholic beverages and "party games". I would rather run through the streets of a big city naked than have to sit around and watch and listen to a bunch of drunk people.

I have never taken recreational drugs, although I have taken many prescription ones. The idea of jumping out of an airplane makes me sick to even think about. Activities such as repelling off a mountain, bungee jumping, rafting the white water and numerous other "thrill oriented" activities make my skin crawl. To most, it would appear I have no life that is worth living for I hate everything that according to the masses makes life fun.

Well, I do enjoy listening to soft instrumental music and I cherish the times when I get on the floor and having "lovings" with our two black dogs. I thoroughly enjoy driving as long as it is not stop and go rush hour traffic. I have spent hours sitting quietly watching the sun rise or set while thinking or praying. I love to read, although I read quite slowly. I greatly love sitting and talking to someone I love, respect or am trying to help.

Every so often I take a few days and go to my solitary place at a place called "The Bear's Den". At this small retreat center, I have free reign of a big house used for conferences on weekends. It has a huge table with a view of a gorgeous small lake. There is a wonderful sound system to play my music on. There are walking trails to talk walks with my Lord on and a huge deck to sit on and reflect upon life.

Each time I have visited the Bear's Den, I wanted to stay forever. I love the solitude of nature and I love not having cell phone reception and no internet connection. I cherish these times when it is just me, myself and my Lord Jesus. I have had life changing things happen over the years when I have gotten away from the hustle and bustle of life to a place no one knows of and no one can find me at.

I love the simple pleasures life allows such as an hour or two when my wife and I can actually just talk about "stuff" without time constraints. I love it when some dear friends come over and the four of us sit around our table and play a silly little game called "Phase Ten" (complete with our own rules), drinking coffee and laughing. I am thrilled when someone actually wants to come all the way out here to our home in the country to fellowship with us or eat a meal together.

I am so excited by the prospect of hosting my mother-in-law for two weeks in October. She is never a burden and I enjoy her company almost as much as my wife. Once or twice a year I love to go out to eat at a fine restaurant with the love of my life. Any more often and it loses its "specialness".

I absolutely love getting up early in the morning and having my hour or so with my Lord. There is no time of the day I love more than between 4 and 6 in the morning. I look forward to the final hour of the day for it is then when I can once again have uninterrupted time with my Lord.

I would not trade the joys of this simple life for anything, including a job that would pay a million dollars a year. No job, no title, no position or person is worth selling your life out for at the expense of your relationship and fellowship with the Lord. To me, the most important thing in this life is my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. Absolutely nothing is allowed to come between us. My very life depends on it.

Others may have all their expensive toys to play with to divert them and release pressure etc. Others can watch movies and endless television and play computer games and go to bars and restaurants all they want. It is, after all, a free country. But, as for me and my household, I would never trade the simple country life for even one night "on the town."

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

ty my brother for reminding us who already know something about the simple things in life be blessed

Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

Amen dear brother in Christ........but I must say I just love watching most sports at international level, on TV. I am a very quiet old pony, and if I can get out of going to a social event, I will, but of course it is not always possible. Just love your blog, and parts of it made me chuckle. Just as well we are not all made the same, eh!!

Unfortunately, some of us are not spending enough time building up treasure in Heaven. maybe . As the Bible says, ....Where your heart is, so will your treasure be also.

As usual, a great blog, and appreciated. ........mumbly

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you for the kind comments. We are all different and like different things, and I am glad God saw fit to make us that way. Through it all, simplicity reigns, especially in times of trouble and loss.

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