The Lordship of Jesus Christ

Unless Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives, we end up being blown about by every wind of doctrine and tossed to and fro like a feather in the wind. Unless Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives, we will end up obeying the dictates of pressure or pleasure. Unless Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives, we may claim we know Him, but in reality we only know OF Him.

The more we truly know our Savior, the more the love and appreciation in our hearts for Him allows us to make Him Lord of our lives. The more time we spend in fellowship with Him, the stronger we become. The more we yield our passions and dreams to Him, the more our lives will follow His lead and we will be His in deed.

Most Christians know Romans 10:9 which says:

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved .

God promises that if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is LORD and believe in our hearts that God truly did raise Him from the dead; we shall be saved. Our salvation is not based upon our good works or being a good person. Our salvation is based on our willingness to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and our absolute belief that God raised Him from the dead.

It deeply pains me how little emphasis Christianity places upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ. For most Christians, the redeeming death of Jesus as our Savior is what our faith is all about. Yes, it was absolutely necessary for Jesus to give His life for our sins but as we saw in Romans 10:9, there is so much more involved.

Our salvation is not based on our confession of sin but rather our willingness to submit our sinful nature to the Lordship of Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Repentance is not limited to the confession of sins but rather implies CHANGE. Repentance demands we make Jesus Christ Lord of our lives instead of the sin which defines our old nature.

Certainly acknowledgement that we are a sinner is important, but if the salvation process stops there, so does our salvation. Just because a guy confesses he shot someone does not mean he is sorry he did or would not shoot another if given the chance. This is why we must strive to not just confess we are sinners but change who is the Lord and Master of our lives.

Our Christian faith involves belief in the redeeming death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and the willingness to make Jesus Lord of our lives. As time allows, I will try to share what I know about both the Lordship and resurrection of Jesus Christ which are indeed two of the pillars of our faith.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I like your analogy for it is very true. Repentance, which is far more than confessing and even saying "I'm sorry" is the first step. We acknowledge who and what we are. Until we admit that we do need a savior, we will reject Jesus Christ.

However, like you said, that is not enough. B2Y, I have had people tell me straight to my face that they are a sinner. They have even told me they know that they need Christ but then they will say, "I know I should but I don't want to." How heartbreaking! :cry:


K :princess:

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

Amen to your entire blog. True repentance (your heart's attitude, desire and commitment to turn fully away from your rebellion against God) will truly lead to a [quote]willingness to submit one's sinful nature to the Lordship of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.[/quote]
Thank you for this very important message. Enjoy God's blessings!

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