The mercy of God is not just for the unsaved

For those of you who never lose their way, fall short of walking perfectly and never sin; this blog is NOT for you and I urge you to move on to another one. But, if you have ever wondered off the narrow way, gotten lost in the fog of indecision or dealt with the pain and anguish of making a horrible decision; this blog is for you and I urge you to take a few moments and read it.

When Ephesians 2 says that God is rich in mercy and has great love, these attributes are not limited only to a person getting saved. God is rich in His mercy for all of us from the time we are saved until the day we die or the Lord returns. God's great love is never ending and always holds us in His arms.

Lest we forget, we are all still imperfect humans dwelling in a body of flesh and blood. As much as we want to do the right thing and walk perfectly in fellowship with God, this body of death (our earthly tabernacle) refuses to cooperate at times and we stray from the rest and comfort of our Lord. At times, many of us not only stray but end up on the wrong side of town about to get our heads ripped off by agents of the enemy.

God does not sit in heaven looking for when we mess things up just so he can hold them against us. What kind of a loving God would do such a thing? God loves us, and although at times that love means He will chastise us, reprove us and even send us to our rooms; such things are never done out of anger or the desire to hurt us but rather out of love and the desire to see us do better and be better in this life.

The details of what happened in my life many years ago are securely locked in a safe, never to be opened in this life.. But, I can honestly say that they are not pleasant, pretty or in any way good. I am the first to admit that I allowed myself to say and do things that if God were not love, He would have personally killed me for. I thank God that through His mercy, I was spared the pain and agony of spending the rest of my life in a prison made with my own actions or sentenced to death by a firing squad.

I know personally the height and length and width and depth of the love of God. I know, and am humbled by the knowledge, that I am only alive and living a life worth living because of the super abounding and overwhelming love of God manifested through the mercy of God. When Almighty God called me aside and asked me if I wanted to continue living in spite of my many failures, I weakly said yes. When God laid out the requirements for this to take place, I humbly accepted them and have tried nearly 30 years to abide by them and NEVER allow myself to make a mockery of the grace of God again.

I have very little tolerance for those who want to tell me that God's mercy and love are secondary to His righteousness and wrath. I am a walking testimony to the love, mercy and forgiveness of our Father. Just as the father in the parable did not beat up or kill his wayward son who finally returned, so God does not desire to beat us up or crucify us when we fall short of the perfection found in Him.

We all blow it at times, whether inadvertently or on purpose. We all make huge mistakes of judgment at times. We all allow our anger, bitterness, resentment and fears to get the better of us at times. We all go sleepwalking in the dark night of the soul at times. As long as we are in this body and have this mind, we will make mistakes, do dumb things and even wander so far off the narrow way that the Shepherd has to personally go and find us. That we fall short of God's perfection is not the issue. What we do afterward is what is important.

1 John tells us that God is faithful and just to forgive us if we are absolutely honest with Him when we sin and manifest the Godly sorrow and true repentance that indicates we are honestly sorry for what we have done. In such cases, God will pour out His mercy upon us and withhold the punishment due to us. All God wants is our heart and our willingness to give Him our heart no matter what so He can heal it.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]I have very little tolerance for those who want to tell me that God's mercy and love are secondary to His righteousness and wrath. I am a walking testimony to the love, mercy and forgiveness of our Father.[/quote]

I don't either. How quickly many of us forget the story Jesus told about the Prodigal Son. The son deserved to be disinherited. He deserved to have the door slammed in his face. The father had ever right to do that but instead he ceaselessly watched for his son, [b]ran[/b] to meet him and did not condemn and chastise him but restored him. Often we are like the older brother, demanding that the wrath of the father fall on the younger son. We have no right to do so for we were not the one who was wronged.

I am very thankful for the love, mercy, and forgiveness of our Father!


K :princess:


An excellent message brother. One the universal Church needs to hear clearly, and often. Thank you for blessing us with His Love through your words today. Blessings to you and your wonderful wife. ~Hoyle

Julie Griffin @raindanceprincess ·

I just love this blog. The insight of this particular brother is often fresh, lovely & raw, and challenging. He is wonderful to speak (rap) with, and I think it is people like this man honestly seeking a true walk with the Lord who lead us to believe in God more. He is real, as just who he is obviously. That he love his animals, an added bonus as long as he really does. Don't really know about much about a family. So-called Christian church took most of mine away before and after a pastor husband of mine perished, actually shortly after the start of a blog here as Princess Holy Fire. But, I think that this man & his wife and family own a guy looking for Christian answers, how great and really wonderful is that. A time of strange days, and of settling and reorganizing, for those who stole by means of Charismatic Witchcraft, God is no longer watching them to see what they will do next. It is simply Ichabod, the holy ghost has departed from what he could no longer tolerate, and all of their man-inventions have come to an abrupt stop (end). Fascinated to read and find out what this man learns from the holy ghost about the bible and life, and as time goes along. Just going on.

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