The power and strength of God that leads us safely home

It is far easier to totally trust God when there are absolutely no other options available. With a plane quickly running out of fuel circling above a small town socked in by fog; either God was going to intercede and help us or we were going to die. When things are that cut and dry, plain and simple, black and white; it is actually pretty easy to fully lean upon the Lord.

Using only the most rudimentary instruments on the plane, the control tower operator managed to slowly have the plane descend without incident. We had at the most, 5 minutes of fuel remaining. Looking out the window there was nothing but darkness only illuminated by the blinking of the plane’s only light. All I could think of was Psalm 23 and walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

I reached up front and grabbed the shoulder of the man who was my “leader” and was universally recognized within the ministry as one of the giants of faith. Through his tears of self pity, I simply said; “John, are you going to pray before this thing crashes?” Evidently this idea was new to him for he suddenly sat upright and started praying out loud.

When he paused I took over and prayed and when I paused the pilot prayed. Quickly the situation switched from a doomsday “oh poor me” morbid modern day tragedy to an opportunity to fully trust God. I believe God was just waiting for the little plane full of His people to let go and let Him handle the mess we were in before He interceded on our behalf.

There was silence in the plane except for an occasional burst of chatter on the radio. Nothing was said, but each one of us had reached the point where we could honestly say “thy will be done”. Instead of freaking out, sobbing quietly or yelling out “why me”; we were at peace with ourselves, each other and most importantly, GOD.

When we had descended to about 3000 feet, suddenly the pilot yelled “Oh My God”. Immediately we thought the end was about to happen. Instead, he told us to look out the windows. Below us were the lights of Eureka. The fog had momentarily blown away long enough for our pilot to land the plane. The fog immediately blew back in and by the time we were inside the tiny terminal, the visibility was nearly zero again.

“How on earth did you land that plane” the guy inside asked. Not even instrument rated pilots could land a plane in this fog. The pilot reported how the fog had dissipated just long enough for him to land. The other man said, “no it didn’t”. As it turned out, God literally opened a corridor for our little plane to land and once it did, that corridor of faith was gone.

I have tried to apply the lessons learned from that fateful trip in January of 1978 ever since. I have tried to remember that it is only through the love, grace, mercy and power of God I am even alive. I have tried to remember that God is my strength and I am not strong enough on my own to figure out how to walk for Him all my days through whatever those days may bring.

Without God in control of my life, I am as that plane many years ago. It is only through ruthless trust in the promises of God and absolute faith in His Word that no matter how dark or no matter how dire the circumstances around me get, I can have peace in the midst of the storm and the quiet assurance that God is there and will help me get safely home.

Thank you for allowing me to share this testimony of the power and mercy of God. I pray it helps strengthen your faith as it did mine to write it. God bless you and Blessings 2 You.


Not a dry eye will be left :clap: What an awesome testimony, I am SO thankful that you shared it.
You have blessed me b2y as I am sure this testimony will bless countless others!
I was on the edge of my seat, I noticed at one point I was holding my breath. Such an great story-teller you are!

God Bless,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]It is only through ruthless trust in the promises of God and absolute faith in His Word that no matter how dark or no matter how dire the circumstances around me get, I can have peace in the midst of the storm and the quiet assurance that God is there and will help me get safely home.[/quote]

May we always remember this...


K :princess:


:clap: :clap:

Indeed this is a testimony to the power and mercy of God. Not only in physically saving your lives, but in giving you peace in the middle of a storm.

I have loved reading this every day this week. I was not disappointed in the ending. What I will do is seek more earnestly God's peace.

Chaitanya Nakka @lifeeternal ·

What a testimony. It really lifted my spirits. How often we forget that the very breath in our nostrils is the blessing of God.

In Christ
life eternal :flower:

Joanne Douglas @jdjames ·

Thank you for so inspiring a record of your life! I will remember it always for it is testimony that we live life in God's supernatural love and power. "signs miracles and wonders FOLLOW those who believe" God's blessings always! jd

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

:) I didn't have to hang on suspenders any time at all, I am obviously just catching up so i got the two blogs at once! Just when we think that there isn't anything God can do to make a situation better, God comes in and reminds us that it is only when WE realise that WE can do nothing to make the situation better, HE can do something. (Long sentence but I am sure you get my drift).


Alta Bartrem @angelpinksky ·

God does have a way of answering...just in the nick of time. So enjoyed reading this and found it to be very inspirational.

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