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So we really think we have it so bad living now don't we? We cry and complain about how badly things are going in Washington and all the lousy laws being passed which are against the written Word of God. These things may be true, but no one can say we are living in the worst times ever recorded. I am sure many great believers who came before us and are living among us even now would beg to differ.

Consider the plight of the children of Israel as they slaved away in Egypt. They had no rights and were treated as pure slaves. They did the hardest work and received little to nothing in return for their labor. They daily cried out in pain for the state they were forced to live in.

Consider the innumerable times throughout Old Testament history when God's people were forced into exile, made to become slaves of other countries, held as hostages, starved, executed, raped and slaughtered as animals. In many cases innocent men and women of God received the same horrible consequences as those where were disobedient and responsible for the judgment.

Absolutely nothing could compare with the heinous atrocities found during the Holocaust. Millions of innocent people were rounded up, sent to slave labor camps and in many cases exterminated. So far, we are not seeing anything this horrific anywhere in the world today. The day will come when those who chose not receive the mark of the beast will be slaughtered, but we are not at that day yet.

There are many places in the world where believers are daily captured, tortured and murdered strictly for their faith. To deny this takes place is a lie. But, to say millions of Christians are being martyred daily is also a lie, for it is simply not yet true. My heart aches in pain for those who have lost loved ones who gave their lives in service to Christ. My heart yearns to help those who live in lands where it is illegal to worship the one true God. But, as of today, there is not law against worshipping God in this country.

We have taken our religious rights for granted for so long that we feel they could never be taken from us in this country. We are wrong to believe this. Slowly but surely they are being taken, not by force, but through laziness and apathy. As more and more believers feel less and less passionately about their faith, the day draws closer when there will be no more religious freedom. Only through lethargy will we lose our most cherished right-to freely worship our God as we so choose.

In one issue after another, the new American political machine is growing stronger and bolder in its blatant disregard for what the Church in Rome thinks. American politicians, many of whom claim to be Catholic, could care less if their laws and views flow totally against church doctrine. They seemingly could care less if the Pope calls them out and publically flags them. Their agenda far supersedes that of their church.

According to surveys, well over 50% of American Christians call themselves conservative yet they do not vote that way. Many conservatives would much rather receive financial rewards than spiritual ones. Most citizens would gladly change their theology if it meant receiving a bail out from the government. Could it be that this is the very root of Revelation 13 and the mark of the beast?

The time for belly aching about the government and the state of the economy has ended. The time has come for believers to believe and for the faithful to be faithful. All the complaining in the world will never change a thing. Only faithfully living the Word of God in our lives and boldly telling others what it says will do anything good for this world around us.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord regardless of what the government and media says. That is the only way to stay sane in this insane world. If we spent one fourth as much of our time trying to figure out ways to bless those in great distress instead of worrying about our current situations; we would open the doors for God to both bless others and take care of us. That is my new mission starting today.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Thanks for the reminder of where our focus needs to be as well as the wake-up call that the blessings of God are all around us...

We need to concentrate on being about the Father's business!

K :princess:


Yes, May the Lord help us to be appreciative and thankful for all needs He has supplied and let us pray for the strength to be focussed in missions and evangelism and not- be sidetracked by the things and activities that count for nought at the end of our life's journey. May the Lord help us as members of the body of Christ to be faithful to His call in these last days.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Amen Brother!!!
The truth is Americans have become very self centered, greedy and lazy. If it feels good okay do it -- but if it's work with no fleshly benefits forget it. Seems there a few left who will reach a hand out to the hurting expecting nothing in return. :cry:


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