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It is troubling, astounding, disgusting and nauseating to look at what captivates the attention of people in Western civilization. The majority of people are fixated on sports, politics, entertainment and a wide array of self- indulgent and self-serving activities that benefit no one but drain people s resources, time and energy.

It is troubling, astounding, disgusting and scary to witness the absolute commitment manifested by radical groups as they strive to take over countries and cultures. The incredible events which have taken place in northern Africa the past year bear witness to the absolute commitment certain groups have to conquer and establish their religion in an ever growing sphere of influence.

While the mentality of Western civilization is one of "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die", the mentality of a much smaller but infinitely more committed part of society is one of self sacrifice and a single minded devotion to a mission far bigger than themselves. While the Western mindset is squarely upon making money and finding new ways to spend it; the mindset of those devoted to their religious or political agendas is complete devotion to their cause.

Materialism and selfishness have torn down the foundation which allowed Christianity to be the bedrock upon which countries such as the United States were founded and were able to flourish. That foundation has crumbled and been replaced with secular ideas and worship of idols.

Anger, frustration and hate control the thoughts, plans and actions of more and more people daily. Violence is no longer limited to wars and crime, but has now become a form of entertainment people pay huge amounts of money to watch and participate in.

The clash of ideas, religions, demands and desires in the world will ultimately lead to its demise. As groups seek to destabilize and overthrow other groups, the ensuing confusion and weakness becomes a breeding ground for unrest, rebellion, riots and conflict. It is only a matter of time until the unrest festering around the world infects Western civilization and throws it into a death spiral.

Those of us who know God and His Son Jesus Christ have a job to do. Our job is to stand fast and not be moved by the confusion and violence around us. Our job is to take the "high road" and never yield to the ever increasing pressure to compromise or forsake our faith. Our job is to remain faithful no matter what the cost ends up being.

Noah faithfully worked on the ark and witnessed to the people all the way until the rains came. In whatever time we have left in this life, our job is to love God, remain faithful to His Word, love each other and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This, I believe is a much better and to be desired way to live than to be engulfed by hate, driven by greed or hypnotized into a state of apathy.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The society in which we live is not all that different than that of the early church. There are glaring and undeniable parallels between the western world today and the Roman world 2,000 years ago. Will we meet the challenge and be faithful to our call or will we be engulfed by this world?


K :princess:

Scott Gastineau @srgwriter ·

You are correct about the number of distractions that we fall for as believers. How many of us are stuck on reality TV shows, like the Kardashians or others that the content goes completely against our stated values. How many trick ourselves to make the ideals of our politics or group, God's ideals. I don't believe though, that there is no time or place for joyous gatherings, and miscellaneous interests, but we should always check ourselves that they do not take priority over God or His work for us. And staying close to God, with daily prayer, and knowing His word is the only way to keep ourselves in check. God is good. All the time, God is good.


This is the right path, while being faithful will will be fruitful and things around us will change.

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good points, B2Y. There is a lot out there that is disagreeable. On the other hand, there is also what Nixon used to call "the silent majority" who don't step into the spotlight, but are out there nonetheless. Look at the response to Tebow or the Tea Pary people. They are out there but the baser elements seem to have the limelight. - bibleguy64

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

Thank you always for your prospective and insight. I just thought about how my time isnt in front of a t.v. much or trying to keep up with "the latest and who has it. If that statement was true about"all the world being a stage',there are still things that go on "behind the scenes" like the cleaning of the bathrooms and ifGod called me to be the janitor, I'll do it for his glory and the best to the ability that he gave me. be blessed

Beth M @blest ·

Amen, my Honey. Miss you so much

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