The sacrifice of service

Rare indeed is the person who is able to help us rise up and overcome our excuses for not doing as we should. Those people, who instead of taking the easy road of least resistance deliberately take the path that is full of obstacles, roadblocks and danger; are the very ones who, by their example, help us rise up to the calling of God in our lives.

I have a very dear friend whom I have supported, prayed for and shared my expertise with for years. She coordinates an organization near Mobile Alabama which not only provides assistance to those in need but teaches people how to survive without welfare. The group has been around since Hurricane Katrina and has resisted the temptation to sell out to the government or shut down during difficult times.

A few months ago my friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Through medication and prayer, she had been able to keep working and serving while only missing a few days per month when her disease flared up. A few weeks ago she woke up one morning and could not walk. She was rushed to the hospital where for 5 days she was put on the most powerful anti-inflammatory drugs known to man at the highest dose allowed.

After those 5 days, she insisted that she be allowed to leave due to situations within her organization that demanded her presence. Barely able to walk and mentally impaired by the drugs in her system, she did indeed leave and quickly resumed her 7 day per week NON PAYING job as director of the group she started in 2005. There are very few people as committed as this woman and it is truly incredible that she does what she does purely out of the love in her heart for others with no compensation.

We all have plenty of good reasons for NOT doing what we should be doing in the realms of service and prayer. We have physical issues which hinder us, financial issues which tie our hands and time issues which keep us from doing what our hearts cry out to do. We all could write books full of excuses which we would then proudly display as we seek to justify our selfishness, laziness or greed.

How many of us are willing to work 80 hours per week helping others and never get paid a penny? How many of us are willing to devote every spare dollar we have to helping others, even if it means driving a 12 year old van with no air conditioning in a location that regularly feels like the topics? How many of us have so much love and compassion in our hearts that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for another?

I am deeply humbled by my friend's example of commitment and service, and I am truly inspired to do more for others and pray more for her. I pray you feel the same way.

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It is very humbling, B2Y. While I do not personally know the woman of whom you speak, I have come to know of her and her organization through you. She is an amazing and dedicated woman with a true heart for people.

Excuses. It is easy to come up with them, isn't it? God isn't interested in our excuses. While we are saved by grace, still... at the end of the day He is going to ask us what we did in His name.


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