The simplicity of living life to please God

My heart weeps as I see so many people lost and oblivious to what is happening to them and their families. My heart weeps as I see the fog most Christians live in; unable and unwilling to see that the road they are on leads to disaster. My heart weeps for friends and acquaintances that have fallen away from God and given their hearts over to the god of materialism. My heart weeps for the hardness of heart and lack of compassion manifested by men and women called by God to lead and love His people.

There is so little genuine hunger for righteousness in the Western “developed” world. Instead of a deep yearning for the truth there is emptiness in the hearts and souls of people whose lives revolve around the need and greed for more and more. Instead of crying for a deeper and stronger relationship with God, people cry because they cannot get every new toy invented and marketed by companies only interested in more and more profits. Instead of a simple desire to know and serve God there is confusion, anger and resentment toward a god who doesn't seem to care for them or answer their prayers.

I am shocked by the calloused insensitivity manifested by people who claim to know God. I am amazed by the hypocrisy manifested by people who say they belong to God but live like the devil. I am disgusted by the double standards displayed by many who faithfully attend church each week. I am dismayed by the deception so many of God's people have fallen into.

I have written a hundred times over the years about my desire to live a simple life in all Godliness and honesty. It is no secret that above all else, I long to be found faithful by my Lord. My deepest yearning is for God to say of me that I am a beloved son in whom He is well pleased. When my life is done, all I want is for God to say that I was a man after His own heart.

I don't care if people “like” me or worship the ground I stand on. I have no desire to be the “star of the show” and see my name in lights. All I desire is to quietly and faithfully live and give of all God has blessed me with through His Son Jesus Christ. All I want is to do whatever I can to be a blessing to others and to bring joy to my Father's heart.

I stand before Almighty God with open arms and open heart. I give to God the life He gave me through His grace. I pray that God finds no evil within me and that He cleanses my heart and mind with the blood of Jesus Christ. I hope that when the trumpet sounds, I can gaze into the eyes of my Lord and hear Him say “thank you for all you have done” .

If we strip away all the worldly junk and open our hearts to the simplicity of Godly living, we will find ourselves in a state of perfect peace, even when the world around us crumbles. If we can cast off the vanity and pride of life that drives people away from God, we can live in the shelter of God's arms with no false pretenses and with no fear of condemnation or failure. In all things we should strive to see the enormity of God through the simplicity of life in fellowship with Him.