The tenacity of faith

There was a time when the world was full of self-serving people whose main purpose was to please themselves through allowing unbridled greed and lust to run unchecked. Since it is impossible for this kind thinking to coexist with God, the result was hatred toward God and utter rejection of Him and His Word.

It was during this time that every thought of every person was continually evil and contrary to God. With no Godly constraints, wicked people did wicked things all the time. In spite of all the evil present, outwardly things looked fairly "normal". People partied, laughed, had a good time and lived life to the fullest. The problem was that inwardly they were enemies of God.

There was at this time one man who was righteous and a preacher of righteousness. He was scoffed at, ridiculed and his message was universally rejected; but that did not stop him from speaking the truth in love. His priorities were to remain untainted by the evil surrounding him, raise his family in the fear of the Lord and keep his heart right with God.

Almighty God became so grieved by the evil on earth that he appeared to the one righteous man alive and gave him His Word. The Word of God was for this man to embark on a project never attempted before and thus impossible for him to figure out on his own. To obey the Word of God given to him, he would have to completely trust God for knowledge, wisdom and intricate instructions. There was no other way the Word of God could be fulfilled.

Day after day and year after year this one righteous man labored as he did what God asked of him to do. His efforts became the laughingstock of the world and people came from near and far to see what this crazy guy was up to. Every person who saw him and what he was doing rejected him and his message. Except for his family, he had no support, encouragement or help.

In due time the project was completed and the hoards of humanity came to see it and laugh at the utter folly of one lunatic. His completed endeavor was, at that time, the most useless and worthless thing ever build by anyone who had ever lived. Both the man and his work were universally rejected and the people went back to their Epicurean lifestyles of eating, drinking and making merry with their friends.

After this man carried out the final instructions given to him, he gathered his family and set up residence in the edifice he had built. They said their goodbyes to the world they knew, shut the door and except for the company of countless animals; waited alone for the Word of God to come to pass.

Suddenly and without warning the windows of the deep were opened and for 40 days it rained upon the earth, flooding and killing every human and animal except for Noah, his family and the animals with him on the ark. All the naysayers, God rejecters and evil people who rejected Noah s message perished in the flood. Able to see Noah s ark but unable to gain entrance to the safety it afforded.

Without question, Noah was a man of great faith and what he did, surrounded by the incredible evil and unbelief in the world is an astounding testament to the tenacity of faith and the willingness to believe the Word of God no matter how difficult it is or the rejection that may come by doing it.

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I was thinking of Noah just this morning, B2Y. I was remembering how he was presented with an impossible task (what would your reaction be if you were told to do such a task) and then ridiculed for attempting it.

He simply did what God told him to do. That was it. If he would not have done so... none of us would be here for we are the "children (descendants) of Noah"... this great man of faith.

May we simply do what God has told us to do and trust Him to do the rest.


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If we are a Christian, we are to follow God and His instructions only, but by doing this we will look foolish to the world. If we truly love God, we will obey all His commandments, because it is our pleasure to please our Lord, but we will look foolish to the world, because we will be sacrificing ourselves for God and others. A selfish world cannot understand these things, because they don't understand that the only thing we truly need is God's love. So, let us all look like fools for our Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe someone will try to figure out what is happening with these foolish Christians.
Thanks for your posting.

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