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Pride prevents us from asking for help when our life blows up or we are inundated with situations far too complex and/or difficult to handle. The most meaningless question ever asked of someone is how are you , especially when there is no intent to help. The most meaningless answer to that question is I am fine , especially when that is a flat out lie.

Pride prevents us from admitting we are in over our heads, completely lost or on the brink of utter disaster. Built into our very nature is the reluctance to admit we need help. Personal honesty dictates that we swallow our pride and reach out for assistance, guidance or direction even when it is obvious they are in trouble.

Pride is not to be confused with arrogance or ego. Pride is not so much the belief that one is great or perfect as the stubbornness to accept "charity", grab hold to a helping hand or admit one is "in trouble". People do not want to be looked upon as weak, "messed up" or unable to make it on their own. The resulting stubbornness results in unnecessary pain, hardship and anguish.

If we are unwilling to admit weakness or ask for help, we are firmly entangled in the web of pride. If we are incapable of manifesting the humility of mind needed to utter the words "Lord help me", then we will no doubt go down with the ship. Even those who walk on water sooner or later start to sink and when they do, humility allows them to reach out and grab the hand of Jesus who is waiting to pull them to safety.

The battle rages relentlessly in our minds between pride and humility. The side of us which mistakenly believes we can do anything strictly through our brute physical might, sharp intellectual thinking or vast financial reserves is the side which is full of pride. The side of us which understands that we, in and of ourselves, are no match for what comes up in this life comprehends the humility needed to accept and enjoy God's help.

Certainly God expects us to use the abilities He gave us and do the best we can in any situation. But, God also expects us to understand that without His help, guidance, strength and wisdom; we are doomed to failure and destined for defeat. It has been said that we should do our best and let God do the rest, and I say AMEN.

When all is said and done and this race is over, the true winners will be those who did the best they could with what they had available to them and then utterly trusted God to do the rest. The true victors in this race will not be those who come in first so much as those who with God's help finish the race, even if it means being carried across the finish line.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

One thing cancer and my other health issues have taught me over the past few years was how weak I really am. How often I would need to remind myself both then and now that my help comes from the Lord and that the Lord truly is my helper!


K :princess:


Pride commeth before a fall...A great message for everyone! God bless this message...


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

a few months ago at my wife's aunt's house, laying on the floor in pain, i cried out to God and he used my dog to go tell my wife something was wrong with me. thank you for this timely reminder .. be blessed


We don t listen we fall we get slapped. Hopefully then we listen. Nope we do it all over again.

God Bless

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